Follow Your Bliss


Whatever happens, be sure that it’s your call. How come you might ask? It’s simple.

Let me explain

In any given situation you have at least two possibilities.

  • A) Do what you have to do
  • B) Switch Lanes.

A foundation rule is to keep responding to your own actions. By all means, you are doing things that cause effects. It is a universal law, after every single action, which defines a cause. There is an effect that occurs from it.
But here is the thing. Working in an office and doing stuff we don’t enjoy we get lost in the boring frame of the external. We lose sight of the internal, which surprisingly is our body. Meaning we don’t feel our inner senses. We numb us doing something for the better future.

It is a promising goal to have, I can’t deny it.
But in favor of our potential future, we should not deny our bliss. And that it is often misjudged.
While we rationalize about our mission and values we take one path. But when we actually proceed on it, it may turn out that it’s not the one. It’s just doesn’t feel right.

What is that feeling? Where does it come from?

We are missing alignment. No bliss.
We are sacrificing our time for perusing the wrong career.
Its like there isn’t much happiness at the end of the tunnel.
What if there is a possibility where we could snap out? And live a basic life, but rather enjoying. Grateful for the sun and for the food. With less stress. And much moments to centralize and ground ourselves.

Where do we start?

Everybody finds a different path leading to what they find the sweet spot. The reason is that we are all different. It is just subjective to all the factors interwoven at its cause and effect around us.
That helps us cross multiple paths until we find the one. That is life, embracing the uncertainty and extracting joy from it.
Some might go chase bliss moments. A state of altering their consciousness and precognition.  Where that could be created by lots of practices.
There are smart drugs, music festivals, meditation, psychedelics, floatation tanks, yoga, adrenaline sports and much more.
But here kicks the monkey brain’s objection.

“How do I find time for all that? “Leading to a rapid conclusion, after doing the simple math, I don’t have time for much daily practice of meditation, so I will just take the drugs. We are all seeking for that shortcut, but its limited. We can’t run till the end doing only that.

Invest in the long-term

Choose something proven and invest time to develop your skills at it. And then, integrate it in your life.
Sports lead to those bliss moments more often than anything else. It helps attuning your mind to your body. You might have heard the phrase “Calm your mind and your body will follow”, where I believe that the vice versa is also true as well. Your body and your mind are directly linked. Which helps wake your mind when you start doing something physical.  And calm your body with your intentional thoughts.

These examples may lead you far beyond your current capabilities.
Bliss or altered states of consciousness or peak experience they are all leading to the same state. It is the most wanted state of mind, highly desirable to be pursued. It enhances us to do our best and perform our best. We are addicted to it’s effects and relief.
It is normal for us to be bliss junkies. We seek them anywhere. From the coffee shop and the cinema to the amusement parks and adrenaline sports. Intoxication is a natural desire we all have. Yet not most sustainable way to find bliss and flow.
What is your next move gonna look like, knowing all that?

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