If You Follow the Right Reasons, Where Would You End?


Everything we do is dictated by a hidden reason, that rarely is shared with others. Where that is our personal right. The question is, what we are hiding?

Think for a moment why do you do everything you do. Why do you eat the food you eat? What is the reason to live where you are living? Who are those people your that are your friends? Why do you work that job? And perhaps the thing you will find, after asking the “Why?” question enough times it is almost always – happiness. That is everybody’s end goal. So what reasons are you secretly hiding, where ultimately everybody is going in the same direction?

There are different things that make us happy.

Whether that would be just a short-term hit. Like sweets, recreational drugs and alcohol for example. Or long-term gratitude that elevates our overall well-being. That depends on our motives and values.


If you tune in our mission and values, you will discover what we are trying to create for ourselves. Respectively you. The stories that we share and the mantras that we are trying to live by are fueling us to reach the utopia. Simply put we are striving for a flow lifestyle. And the researches show that people, who are frequently in flow are happierMihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the author of the first book “Flow”, and the person who noticed this phenomenon before others.

Speaking of happiness will not take place in this post. Rather I want to speak about one of the most important things we found it is worth pursuing. Those are the challenges that we set for ourselves, in order to feel in the flow state. You might have heard it somewhere in our previous content, or you haven’t. Either way, I will layout our core project’s agenda. It is towards designing a life with more flow. In other words, Flow Lifestyle Design.

Why do you need that?

Like every human being, you have three basic drives that are the general reason for your action.

Those drives derive from our basic needs. As you might know, those are food, shelter, and reproduction. Where I believe when you are reading that post. You somehow manage to full fill those three on a regular basis. That is what civilization has constructed for us. Its called adult individuals, also known as white collars. In which realm is fairly easy to manage those first three drives. However, we have the fourth drive. It is to get out of our own heads.


That forth drive fed by the need for an altered state of consciousness.

Which helps us forget our own little world and immerse in the present. It relieves us from our thoughts. And there are many ways to get them. That’s why we drugs are so addictive and candy so tempting. Even animals have been witnessed to eat some grass that will make them dizzy, just to feel that state. Coming from that common ground where we had managed to fuel our basic needs, we are left with the constant hunger to pursue altered states.

Being naive and oblivious to trust big corporations they are regularly taking advantage of this human need. And it is true that they are some very beneficial products and services. But are you choosing them? Everything from coffee, pills, food supplements, recreational drugs, sex, to parachute jumping that elevates your state of being is part of the Economy of Altered States. I am fascinated by FGP(Flow Genome Project). and their work. They have distinguished that part of the goods and serviced that we tend to purchase, therefore the whole separate economy. Which is estimated to about 4 trillion dollars every year, where that is a quarter of USA’s annual GDP.

In terms of which that leads us to rediscover how we purchase goods. And rate their value by what we get as an effect. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheeler describe in their book Stealing Fire the four basic triggers of altered states. Which are neurology, pharmacology, psychology, and technology?

Where our mission is to define what are the best practices to apply to reach that nirvana.



Where personal growth teach us that we need to read more books to be fulfilled,  it is not the entire recipe. Fulfillment is a state of mind, after getting your daily fix, or dose for happiness. Where reading books help us get there it is not the only way. And frankly, fulfillment isn’t the goal. We are speaking about well-being. Which is a continuum of fulfillment?

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