Flow State of Mind

flow states

Flow state

When you are fully absorbed in an activity, that you are in, this is called the zone. You are flowing. Things become effortless, you are unselfconscious. There is selflessness, there is timelessness there is a sense of effortlessness in flow and there is an information richness. The kind of associations you are able to make in your mind – creativity. It is just connecting things that increase. When you are in that state,  this is one of the happiest places in life.

Characterization of flow.

Flow is characterized by getting outside of yourself and by outside I mean beyond the monkey mind, beyond the inner chatter, beyond the inner doubter and the questioning mind.  The self – consciousness that keeps you considering whether you should ever get out and do something. You know just overthinking and too much scenario planning. Error messages running repetitively in your brain and holding you back. We all suffered from anxiety and self- consciousness and even depression all of from excessive rumination, but when you finally catch that wave and you are the surfer there is no time to think. You are the simply being. The doer and the seer merge.

Flow for happiness.

Naively we think that what makes us happy is related to material possessions, owning things or having a certain amount of money. But that actually is not giving you that deep happiness that you want. It will come from gratification – basically, flow. It is this deeper higher consciousness, happiness. Gratification comes from living a life in a challenge, not an easy life, not the lazy life but life on your edge. Where you are challenging yourself when you are growing.

Find the sweet spot

The greatest happiness often comes from being challenged in life. There is something within is that feels good to be on the top of your game. To create a flow, you need a challenge with the balance of skill. If the challenge is too great, you become stressed, too little and you become bored. It is that sweet spot you want to find. Being able to rise up to the challenge is what makes you on top of your game. That feeling of you being on the top of your game is really rewarding. Those are some of the moments you are most proud of in your life, a deep sense of happiness.


You can design a life that will allow you to create these flow states. You can design more of Flow State Of Mind in your life. The desire for stewardship of internal life. It means you want to essentially pilot the experience that you are having. You want to be the director in the editing room, cutting the scene choosing the music, adjusting the lighting and creating the experience that you are having as a viewer. You are simultaneously creating and perceiving the world at once. Like you are in the movie inception real-time authoring of your own subjective dreamscape in real time. That is where it comes from.

It is like I am losing myself to flow and I am a total control freak, who wants to control the way he loses himself. Making sure he captures the experience of losing himself so that he can watch it later, as a reminder that it is possible. Jason Silva

Sometimes it takes finding the right tool, or instrument, or medium that you fall in love with. So much, that is stronger than your self-consciousness and your resistance so that you can finally break through.

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