Flow Lifestyle Design is What My Mood on My Mind Stands For

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What is My Mood on My Mind and how is it leading towards flow lifestyle design?

In this post, you are going to find what this long name actually stands for and what flow lifestyle is all about.

I already had a  sense that this phrase is something beyond a cool name.

My Mood can influence My Mind, and

My Mind can influence My Mood

Ok, but why?

Here is what I know:

I divide those into two factors – external (1) & internal (2).

  1.  My Mood can change my mind when something external had just come my way. Everything coming from the outside is without my locus of control, and yet the influence is sometimes stronger than the next factor.
  2.  My Mind can change my mood when I decide to do something despite my mood. Everything coming from inside is within my locus of control and how I feel about it depends solely from my interpretations.


The Vision

This blog space is where like-minded individuals passionate about flow states came to share their stories, methods, and philosophies on how to design a life with the most daily flow. As you might be familiar with the three main aspects of life – health, wealth and love – we that everybody is there where he needs to be. But if you want more out of life, more peak experiences and designed moments of rapture, peace, and surrender you have to design your chaos.

“The more voluntary pain and suffering I experience the less shit I get from life”

~ Joe Rogan

Everybody has read or heard at least about morning routines, habits and stories that would make you more productive. But some of them are not for us or at least we cannot stick with them long enough. Perhaps we miss the right reasons. I have been there too.

In contrast, our vision is a set of those habits and thoughts that help me stay saint and thus create the living flow dojo I seek to have. Because the contrast is what life offers us to enjoy. Those are the moments when we lose ourselves, we feel great, everything aligns perfectly and we move forward. But first, we have to set strong foundations and to practice routines that sometimes seem boring.

Flow lifestyle design
Myself in Belgium; photo captured by Cannon Camera

Our Mission

We are a young adventure collective seeking to understand the world as it is.

More specifically we aspire to dive ever deeper in the world of flow states thus providing you with our stories of flow lifestyle design. We believe that life worth living is on the precipice between skill and challenge – flow.

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

~ Albert Einstein

That is because once you set your mind to design flow settings you will lose yourself, thus becoming the observer of your own performance. And our mission here is to share our stories and mentality helping as many people as possible to create such flow states for themselves.

My Mood

This section highlights the power of the environment to influence our mood

My mood fluctuates every day. That is simply because our mood by default is set to be determined by our environment, I hope you can relate. Meaning that it is easier to react to outside stimuli than to control your mind.


~ Haresh Sippy

Every year when I have a birthday My Mood is on My Mind because it is easy to tune in the positive vibe causes by culture. On the opposite side, it is equally easy to tune in a negative trap, for example being pissed off because you are in traffic.

In this case, our mood translated into our mind, if we let it. The good news is that you hold the key, your choice. You can choose to let go of pressure or to neglect and reframe negative stimuli before they take you over. And of course, allow the positive vibes to take you over when they present themselves to you.

My Mind

This section highlights the power of your mind to influence your mood.

My mind is sometimes too hyperactive, sometimes I can’t sleep. That’s how this blog started. Now, one year later or so being meditating every day ever since I got a little bit more control over those moments. It is, in fact, possible to strengthen your mind so you can prevent your own monkey mind taking you over. 95 % percent of our thoughts are repetitive every day, which speaks for the power of habits – we are used to doing what we already do.

Our life is going a continuum motion, but sometimes I am losing my path by operating from survival patterns such as fear, hunger, impatience and so on.

Flow lifestyle design 2Me and Ivo having a chill boxing warm-up before a dance class (wow)

My Mood on My Mind

Here we want to draw a line from all that misleading outside stimuli and to raise your awareness by sharing our stories to make that mind traps more vivid, and potentially easier to avoid.

Hence, we aspire to bring light to the unspoken urban problems that make us confused, depressed, anxious and stressed. It is true that the economy requires us to problem solve with cashing out, but … Money are means to an end, but your mind is everything. Your head can come up with the solution how to make money or whatever you need to get out of that trap, but it that starts with getting over your current mood.

Redesign your mind to make your mood better and not conditioned by miracles and outside events. Own it instead.

Flow Lifestyle Design

You probably know what lifestyle is already, but what does flow lifestyle design mean?

That is to design ever richer life of flow states.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”

Soren Kierkegaard

To do so you have to pay attention to your mind and body which correlates a lot with your environment – culture, people, and momentum. Your mind is functioning way faster and better when there isn’t any clutter around and you have a clear intention and clarity how to execute your goals. But in turn, your body needs to be on point to follow your mind. Not to forget and momentum which spikes your current progress and takes it up the upper spiral towards accelerated growth.

That is what flow lifestyle design is, to design your own settings, your own life so you can excel and whatever you want and walk down the path to mastery.

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