Finding Peace Within Yourself

Finding peace within yourself is a process of disconnecting and reconnecting back with more clarity to your own reality

Many of us are terrified by living alone. Not even living, just by the simple thought that you will be alone in the crowd.

Fresh Start

Let me tell you what is on the other side. I like being alone, even though I consider myself extroverted. It brings me peace and serenity. Knowing yourself is not a phrase for maturity, instead, it’s an exploration process into the self. And that beings with resistance

It takes time to get used to lower grades of comfort. Slowly decrease with time.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash


My goal isn’t to make you ditch your friends and reconsider moving into a cave. It is just to harness your harmony within you.

Have you ever stayed outside, in cold weather, very cold? Where you didn’t have any gloves and your hands start to freeze. It feels like time isn’t going anywhere, while you are trying to find a warm pocket for them. But when you do, oh man, didn’t they burn after that? Like some kind of chilling fire, if there is such a thing at all. This is perhaps the same feeling you will experience when you are alone, trying to figure out where are you in place and time.

It will be freezing in the beginning, but when you accept it and get used to it over time, it will make perfect sense.

Living Outside the Tribe

We are social creatures first and foremost.

Of course, we are, that’s why one of the biggest fears of humanity is to be left alone. Back in the days, people were dying because of this. Fast forward, nowadays we have a much better scenario. But for what reason?

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

I believe that living a while detached from friends and family will give you new ideas to mind. Personally, I know that people around me can easily influence me with new exciting ideas. Meaning I am very open-minded. Where spending time with friends usually leads to the same things. Or maybe you will get motivated, from a YouTube video, and try something new. But the chances are it won’t stick around.

People don’t like change. It’s just in our nature.

Taking time for yourself is like disconnecting and reconnecting to life.

Switching your familiar environment with a radically different one is getting you out of your biases. Not so fast as you read it though. It takes time to think of an idea and get courageous about it. At least that’s me.

But the time spent is nothing, if you find your gift.

That is what I am looking forward!

Ps: I love my friends and family. I can’t wait to see them, after those last eight months abroad. But I would perhaps never wrote this post otherwise.

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