Falling Back on Earth

Falling Back

What to do in circumstances of monotonousness ? Especially after sublime, direct experiences of extasis.

After extacy and thrill , says Jason Silva, what do we do? We go back to “laundry and washing dishes”

The Excitement of Your New Toy

That is what you are going to do to the end of your life. No matter of what technologies they keep inventing. Which is not necessarily bad, it’s just a way to overcome boredom. Yet either they or some new toy you gotta maintain something, swipe some dust, pour some water over the plants, or get weekly. It just what everybody does on the small time frames when you are not under surveillance: at work so you can do whatever you want. Exploring the functions of your new phone, watch, gadget. And at home, you witness the downside.

But It doesn’t really hurt does it? To watch Netflix or play computer games. It is just another thrill to surpass time that otherwise you gonna ain’t endure without “getting crazy”, or at least the things you are telling yourself.

Falling Back
Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash


Crazy indeed. If you keep on doing that. Not judging its overtly fascinating to me.

The Trick

The point is:

Do you want to wash dishes to the end of your life sad?


Do you want to wash dishes to end of your life happy?

And that could be everything. Its just matter of context and the variety of what life is going to offer you. Or what you are gonna get from life(being proactive).

Fill your cup, so you don’t need another “toy” after you get bored playing with the old one.

Never expect the expected, but rather expect the unexpected.

That is to be never attached to anything. It is to whatever is out of your internal focus of control. Yet some people instead add some external arrangements that you think you want to do or sign as your responsibility.

Put some mindfulness towards the things you ever do and watch.

Raising the Bar

To be truly happy is to be awake while doing the things you do. All including pleasant and unpleasant.

Raise the bar. Share whatever is on your mind. To express in any form you could imagine and consider relevant to you. We often find accessible suitable. Where others do not. Instead, they look far and keep looking until they know for sure. That they have “found it”.

Whatever you are searching is searching for you.

Falling Back
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


So are you keep looking is the question? Don’t quit quite early. The last man standing is often a solution, but not the best you can do. Work smart don’t grind. And who said it the guy chilling in the Canary Islands. Well, you have a point and it is the best I ever got. So do I contribute, I respect this internship. It is a job, a place you go to work, to be professional.

And so often think the rapture is gonna last longer…

Sadly delusional.

Unfortunately, that has to be further examined. For now is what life offers to some and something to others. When we start comparing what each other has or had. And that is what overwhelms us and it is frankly bullshit. Life is not a competition. And for many is. I get it, some things are for the marks and the reputation and the friends and the luck even. Because they are indeed limited position in some fields.

And the truth is that is all wrong. Because they are so many new categories one can create with his imagination to change something. To add value and move boundaries. To flip the air tonight.

Fallin Back on Earth

After we are finished moving mountains we can sit down, for a moment. You might want to contemplate such experience. Extract the wisdom from the extraordinary, from the reps of chasing awe.

And then you go back again to the ordinary. But in fact, there isn’t any.

A bit confusing. But wait.

In the movie “Peaceful Warrior”. “Socrates” is how at least Dan(the main character) calls him teaches him a lesson. There isn’t anything ordinary. Look closely and pill the layer of mud that covers blinds your perception to enjoy everyday life.


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