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What is experience for you?

It could be everything, from drinking coffee and eating gourmet  food.  However, in the dictionary they say it means  “the conscious events that make up an individual life”  (Merriam-Webster). Or “the act or process of directly perceiving events or reality” which are two out of five meanings that describe the word.

Grand Canyon


Experiences are important part of our lives. What we encounter through our lives and the different events that we  experience shape us as individuals and could have an enormous impact on our personalities. It is a process which some call personal growth. That doesn’t happen through one event or some product overnight. It is a steady process of developing skill and expertise trough experiences and different practices. Although a lot of people and industries say what we must pursue. And they offer their quick fix to the market.

We all want the quick fix. Why should you wait, if you can get it now?


But best memories happen from experiences which you have waited for. And it takes a time to build that feeling of anticipation going through your body. You almost shake from excitement. Than it happens and everything fades away. You are back to reality again. To your default state. Which is a little different from those sweet memories. Especially in the summer. Everything might happen. The possibility is always present, because life is so unpredictable. Yet we are sad for the past moment, which led us to excitement.

When we experience “The Experience” the One thing that we desire so much, it changes us. It is liberating and exhilarating how you are in control of what is happening and first hand perception. That is especially true for those rare moments. They could be moments of surprise as well.

And the truth is nobody knows what is that one experience. We are just seeking for something that would make us stick. To grab our attention and to lead us through a path, promising something better. Better than the present. Which is a bliss. And we have touched on that before. Rather now I think it is best to focus on more meaningful experiences and that is when we grow the most.

And seeking bliss moments isn’t leading to mastery. Which is a problem nowadays. Most of us are scratching the surface of things and ain’t going deep to get skilled in a particular thing. The price for mastery is getting into the creative zone.

Any craft can be a mastered. If we put the required 10, 000 hours of practice, which famously Michael Gladwell said we need to be professional for something.

The pursuit of rare experiences


So back to the meaning of the word experiences, we might call it and event raising our consciousness. Which event is indeed exceeding our current perspective on what is possible. Thus showing us that we can upgrade ourselves to next level. Where new things become our new target. With other words we raise the bar. We set new criteria for ourselves.

That’s why we are talking about flow states here. Because that is how we shorten the time frame needed to master something. By deconstructing the flow states, Flow Genome Project shows us there are four different domains to reach ecstasies, in the book Stealing Fire (author Jamie Wheel and Steven Kotler). Which eventually will lead us to flow experiences by combining skill and challenges.

Life is best on the of the mountain, or a lake, or a beach. Whatever your preference is. The point is that these, most likely, are rare events in our life giving us the most pleasure. That’s why we strive to make them happen more often. For us and our family. Eventually a shared captivating experience with close people.


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