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Everyday is a new beginning or everyday life is the same. Which one would you choose?

Of curse there are days we would like to repeat. However, after a while the hype from what we were doing will fade. Slowly our attention will switch to another thing. You could work hard and then you need a break for a while. Or quite the opposite, where you have taken a long brake and its time for work.

Variety is good. It makes us wonder. And also it sparks our creativity.

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Whatever it is the case we end up getting bored every now and then. And that is all good. Boredom is strong emotion and not a pleasant situation to be in. Frankly, now is the best time to live, if you want to escape boredom.  Entertainment is all around us. Eventually escaping reality as it is. Its assumed that we can demand everything we want on the spot. And worst case scenario we get it within a few days of delivery. Otherwise services, such as movies are online, 24/7 a click away.

What we can do to get unstuck ?

Our powers and capabilities are limited, only by our own mind. And its wired how cliche is getting that, yet misunderstood.

“If you can dream it. You can achieve it.”

Walt Disney.

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Its true to say visualization helps. Its also true to speak about law of attraction. However, they are other important nodes to point. First its important to get clear to the bottom of the reason why we are bored at first place. Is Will Smith getting bored? And don’t tell me its because he is rich. He is just being on track with his life and desires.

Fear is getting our windshield dirty and we miss the prime road. Instead we start walking off track. Driving off-road is fun, but not in that case. Its important to start with the right angle as soon as possible to maneuver the course easily. What I mean by that is that boredom leads to dirty roads. And the further we go onto them the dirtier they get. And that’s usually the wrong road. But we get it too late. Because being bored frequently will get your will power threatened. Than eventually you will brake your nerves and start with something that gives you fair pleasure right then and there. Instant gratification.

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And I have nothing against junk food Friday. Where we have the option to live an interesting life, but are you eager enough to live it?

I want to tell you what’s possible. You can decide for yourself, if that is what you should do.

A call for adventure.

Hitch hiking is what makes me double nowadays. But frankly I have done it before. Not in Bulgaria, which is my home. It should be easier, right?

Adventure is to take a bold move towards something  you strife with no obvious outcome. It requires to go towards your fear.

For everybody is a different thing. And money is relatively important to get your lifestyle on the next level.

Yet there are ways which might be handy in case you are a fresh graduate student as well.

Spending money isn’t easy. We all love it, but sometimes it hurts. And spending money is quite an art. They are many marketing and sales tricks that are constantly trying to get in our way. Witch sometimes influence us to make the wrong choice. And being bored makes us even easier target.

Here are some suggestions in order to elevate your current sate. And by doing so stay healthy and progress in meaningful activity.

Play a music instrument. Learn a second language. Paint a picture. Sing a song. Listen to a song. Stretch. Invite a friend. Meditate. Reflect. Design. Plan. Inspect your personal finance. Express gratitude. Read a book.  Play a game of chess.

According to Chris Smith (founder of “The Campfire Effect” ): If you’re not feeling motivated — you’re either not experiencing enough pain to change, or you’re not curious enough about the power of possibility.

How is your day going to start tomorrow?

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