The Everlasting Change


I am sitting here in my bed at 2 am, it’s about a time when I usually write blog posts as such.

Rage against the dying of the light, a call for change.

It might be a figure of speech, but its literal. I am gone for chasing the sun, not the stars or the Moon.
We can do so much more upon waking up. Our productivity is at its peak and we are ready to take the world sober. We ain’t in pain, we have just survived the night.

Back in the days when it was time for us to go home, it was perhaps a cave. Talking about the best-case scenario. Those savage times were developing our spirit of grit. It was never stopping hope for settling down. That is what civilization is hurling down on us.

And we are buying it. It is so much easier to give up and settle for comfort. For a habit. Perhaps a relationship or work, maybe a combination of both.
Where doing so is going to cripple our ability to do more. To grow beyond our current capabilities. Just because we have a “summoning stone” or, if you haven’t played Diablo It is much like a new default level. But it is external built-in our psyche. A new safe ground. It is normal to look for it, but it just a primal signal searching for safety, nothing more.

Our century innovations and growth are much more profound.

It is not time-saving humans. We are over 7 billion. It is time though, for human expansion. To lure and see beyond the boundaries. It hard to see through those walls, when you don’t know what is out there.
Think about jumping and reaching for new common default state. Spread across all nations and cultures. Like TV. But not mainstream. It will harness so much more relief from the never happy society we encounter every day. Honesty and a deliberate onslaught of spoken actions are going to change everything. We would rather pretend to enjoy our reality than change it.  And what makes it interesting that change is a never-ending project.

Happiness is for free

I see people constantly trying to fit into the matrix, where it is there to be absorbed and redefined.

We are the creators. There is no point in searching for the creator and the godfather of it. It is real. We are getting far more integrated with virtual space than real-time. We start texting more than we are calling each other. It is serving good for our privacy.
It is killing our social connections. We are slowly erasing our skills to bound together. It is rarely the case to make somebody jump for a stupid “adventure” if there are not getting something out of it. By that missing the whole point of carefree good vibes and just enjoying the time spent together. It is mind-boggling that when we used to get hikes around and make pranks for fun, now it is far easier to pop a pill and go to a concert. Or even worst. Sit a home.

Sailing with a boat


Let’s turn another chapter.

Imagine you have survived the night. It is sunrise and you are staring the sun, feet naked, birds singing. You don’t need coffee or any other stimuli to wake up. You feel the rising heat of your skin by the falling sunrays. And that makes you move. The motion starts to build emotion, joy.
How do you use that moment? What does it take to witness the sun rising every morning?

“To be aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto to something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair”  Walker Percy

Embrace the change and you won’t ever see despair.

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