Enter the Dream

Enter the dream is getting into more details how to sleep well

You are falling down a building and slowly realize that you are getting down with top speed. Accelerating high makes you shake in bed .. And you woke up again.
Dreams are our getaway from reality, and they give us a great experience. Which in some cases can be controlled. Those are lucid dreams. In which you realize you are dreaming, but rather waking up, you continue dreaming while this time having control over it. The possibilities are within your imagination. But this takes some practice and proper knowledge to trigger lucidity.
An interesting fact is that we all have dreams every night, but we forget some of them before we wake up.
After a hard day working or training, perhaps going for both. When you are having those high performance days, you get into the bed easily and dreams occur more often. At least that is what I have been noticed for myself. It is also useful to think about an issue/puzzle you want to solve before going to bed. And they say, that it is possible to dream about the answer. Every single sleep has different conditions, which all reflect on your dream and the overall quality of it.
To get the maximum out of your bed time you might consider those tips useful.

  • Get a pitch black room, ultimately. 
  • Quiet as possible
  • not too warm and not too cold / 22 around  º C
  • comfortable mattress
  • airy room

Those are what I consider the basics. And we all need standard 8 hours of sleep in those conditions. If anything else we can go for a nap in the afternoon. However, a nap is super good and pleasant. We might consider getting a short nap for 40 min or a longer one for 1,5 hours. In that way you won’t break your sleep cycles, gaining more energy for you. It is different for every person though. I experiment with my own amount of sleep. It also depends how old you are. That plays huge role.

Sleep is the time when our muscles grow and when our mind shuts down for a moment. It is recovery for the body and mind. There is a progression during our sleep in getting into deeper and enriching sleep. Getting into different phases is in the following order: 1 & 2 phase, 3 & 4 phase, 5 phase. The first two are putting you to fall asleep, but not into deep sleep. It is a state where your body is getting relaxed. Next is 3rd & 4th phase in which your body gets still and your eyes start to move rapidly – REM sleep. And the 5th phase is deep sleep, where your body and your brain is recovering much more on Delta waves. They are restarting your capacities for being active again the next day. Of curse, if you are not hung over. Alcohol tends to disturb sleep as we well know.
Sleeping is also restarting our short-term memory. If we want to go take an exam the next day, and we didn’t prepare that much studying all night is an effective method. Not so good for missing your night sleep, but helping you remember the things you have just read.
With all new technologies that are being created nowadays, especially digital watches and phone apps. We can measure our sleep data from them, precisely enough to see how much time of which phase we got. This is profound for being at your best and performing your best. There are a lot of things to experiment with. I might delve in more in the near future. For example smells, time, positions, etc.
PS: Sweet dreams and write it down! 🙂

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