Find Your Driving Force!


Whenever we are facing new challenge we get shocked for a second. It’s time to make a decision, influenced by your driving force.

Do we want to continue on the same route or switch lanes?

Well sometimes you just need to stick with the hard route and persist.

There are no hard feelings. It is just a hard road.


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It makes us question ourselves. Than we get emotional. Maybe scared, but whatever the emotion is we make a decision based on it. Therefore, we are biased.

Some of us run away from something, while others run towards something.

We all know our time is limited. It’s a finite resource. It’s going to come that day of final countdown. And you better be prepared. Know your limitations. Show the world that you can do the things you want. By stepping further to exceed your possibilities. To cross your limitations and to expand them.

It never stops.

But although our common similarities, in general we differentiate from our motives and moreover drive.

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Some of us perceive challenges as something threatening, so they run from them. And also past experiences confront us to get out of our own way to avoid future events like that. Which had not proven its situational expectations. In other words, you had a bad experience.

It’s true that many of those bad experience holds us down. Each downside can be reevaluated so you can extract some knowledge even wisdom from it. But while being emotional it is almost impossible.

And others get motivated just to catch something. They aren’t stopping to think and look over their shoulder. It doesn’t matter if anybody is chasing them. They keep their eyes on the price.

There isn’t a wrong way.

Our way matters. The journey we select and pick from the hat of mystery.

For those reasons it’s good to know what are we running from and what are we chasing.


There are two approaches to entrepreneurship. Basically either you are in a situation with no exit. So you push and grind to find one. Or you are living a stable secure life, where you are just pulled to do things. In a sense being drawn to a cause.

What are you running from?

And what are you running towards?

Try to focus on the positive. While negative circumstances can drive us to resolve them. It is much better to accept the given situation and to focus on the positive future. Change is omnipresent.

Motivation and drive are different.

Motivation is temporary while drive is consistent.

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Where is it coming from? In his book “Drive” Daniel Pink explains what are the most important things to define our drive and to manage it. Which is a critical component for time-management and for achieving one’s goals essentially.

The fundamentals of motivation are two – extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic are all the stimuli coming from the outer world. They are pulling you to do stuff to acquire a reward. However, they are limited to fulfilling one’s goal and often times lose effect before you do. The effect of extrinsic motivation is short-term. While intrinsic factors of motivation are so much continuous. And they work only, if you know WHY you are doing something. Without any external reward at the current present. But it is always hard to find the right reasons, right?

Carrots and sticks have been influencing people’s behavior for many years. And they are efficient to a degree. However, they lose their power nowadays. As Dan Pink says we are getting much more motivated in “open source” environment. Such as Wikipedia, for example. That is motivation 2.0. It’s the age of autonomy. Which means that autonomous people get more done for equal time frame as others might in a closed system with tight management.

So here is the kicker.

Contribution and creation as a way to success.

Step out of your fear and enjoy the bright light.


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