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Whats the point of dreaming, if you are not going for it? Here is my thoughts on how to peruse what your dreaming for. Don’t let your dream die.

Of curse they are all those philosophical advises in the self-improvement sector as well as practical. However, they are all about action. Which is the main part of the game. What is more important than it ?

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Yet we still dwell on short term problems that distract us. And we forget. Its hard to keep that big picture on the task bar. But her is hint.

If you don’t feel motivated, you have lost your long term vision.

Refocus, recap, restart, rearrange, remove

Simple principles, but hose things matter. Your dream dream matter. I am not Logic or Eminem. I am not Gary Vee or Tim Ferris, but we all have dreams.

In fact reaching your dream is not the end. Its the beginning of the end.

So what next?

Truth to be told I am twenty two. This situation is giving me the perspective toward something interesting. I am sure this apply to both sexes. Anyway its the start of your twenties we are more up for challenges and initiatives. For adventure and carefree time as well. Where after 35 you start to look more onto things that support your lifestyle.

My point is that I feel more chaos is more useful these days. Rather when you reach that bridge after 30 you start to acknowledge that you are more and more willing to preserve what you already got.

In other words your youth helps you discover your unique strengths and talents. Where that involves a lot of different experience that exert much energy and spill your focus over many directions. While on the other hand, after you reach that you start to preserve that environment. You start to focus on less things and thus getting more grounded. More closed to other people and influences. Its changing your thus far dynamic lifestyle. Our urban society makes us run all the time to do such and such tasks. Great, but where is the self left. One’s own dream fades away perusing other’s tasks.

Youth has no age. (A post by Ivan Ivanov )

My whole worldview is toward adding value. I am certainly not the most astronautic person, however whats the point of work, if your are not contributing? Find your talent, develop it and share it with the world. Create a community from the people, who need your solution(value) to their problem. We are all here, on this planet, with this esoterically/mortal mission to satisfy our ego and balance it with serving society.

I find ego a negative value. But here is the kicker. Nice guys don’t succeed in life. (Jordan Peterson). You need to assert yourself, even with the cost of disturbing peace. All that in sake of achieving your dreams. Only if you dare to challenge yourself.

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What better than that?

Maximum effort until you can. Of curse leave some time for play and leisure. I like how Frederic Dodson separate reality – work or learning, play,  pray or meditation and relationships.

It is the way we make our decisions in life resulting in our reality. We shape it by our thoughts and therefore actions. That is old classic understanding from psychology. And human behavior. But we can influence and induce helpful thoughts.

How ?

With technics and practices towards mindfulness, peacefulness, health, wisdom and love. Use those with higher meaning than just practice. However, practice with diligence. Be patient. Search for no quick result. Apply with care.

Traditional 9 to 5 is dying nowadays. We are getting far more opportunities to work from home or on the way. Different variations and offers appeal. Thus we can shape our schedule more conveniently. Toward your dream.

Simply brake down every action that lead to the full accomplishment of your dream. You can call those milestones. Its very helpful to know your strengths and to count on the in order to execute those tasks. Focus on them one by one. Make it fun.

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