Category: Anti-brainwashing

The other side of perfect

Apr 24 2018
Ivan Ivanov

The need for acceptance is an essential human instinct, ¬†however some people value it more than others do. We all want to fit in, to be accepted by society. In order to achieve that, we often present different versions of…

How to snap out of the safe lane?

Apr 19 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

In this age of time we are radical losing sense of our understanding how things works. During teenage years we learn how to socialize despite all. And we grow personally in terms of identity. That, for the most part, remains…

Are we a marketing product?

Oct 31 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

I am not a growth hacker or a marketing guru. But I don’t need to be one to tell you this. We are a constant product of the marketing around you. It is literally everything that surrounds us. Humans are…