Synchronizing the mind and the body

Synchronizing the mind and the body – that’s not just a concept, it’s not just a random technique, invented by somebody, or an idea. It’s more of a basic principle of human being and existence, it’s a way of developing and existing at a higher level.


Imagine your body as a camera and your mind as the lens inside. Now the question is how do we use them together? When the focus of the lens and the aperture of the diaphragm are properly connected, you get pictures of a very high standard. Similarly, when the body and the mind are synchronized, you acquire a strong perception and a feeling of no doubt. You do not feel hesitation, anxiety nor frustration.

When we meditate we are practicing this synchronization of the body and mind. We are stepping into the present moment, giving us a chance to listen to our minds and be aware of what is happening inside and outside of us. Often our mind is ahead of our body, or our body is ahead of our mind. We regularly escape the present moment and find our minds in the past or the future, fantasizing and daydreaming.
When we meditate we are bringing our mind into our body, and our body into our mind.
This whole process is connected to how we are synchronized with the world around us and how we operate in it. There are two stages that we can call “to look” and “to perceive”.


To look is your first reaction and if you have doubts, then your looking can be unstable and precarious. You start looking and then you feel hesitation and worriness because you don’t trust your vision. Sometimes you would want to close your eyes because you don’t want to see. But the whole thing is to look, to look rightly, to look at the color, no matter if its red, blue, green or purple. Just to look at it and accept it as it is. It is your world, your enjoyment. Look without hesitation.

Then the second stage will come. The more you look, the more curious you will get and the more you would like to see. The process of seeing is not limited because you are a real human being, emotional, who has nothing to lose, nothing to fight with. You can look more and then you can see something beautiful. You can feel the warmth of the red color, the coolness of the blue one, the freshness of the green one, the richness of the purple one, all of them together. You will sincerely perceive the surrounding world. This will be a stunning discovery of the world. You would want to explore the whole universe.

Sometimes when perceiving the world, we digest it without using the language. We perceive it spontaneous. But sometimes when looking at the world we first come up with a word in our head and then we perceive it. In other words, in the first case, we see the world just as it is, without putting an etiquette around it, and in the second we use our judgment, we say what the world is. I believe we have to see the world directly, just the way it is, without judging it or trying to define it. This is the synchronization of the body and mind. To see the world directly, without using the language.


This is necessary not because of disrespect towards language itself, but because our internal dialogue sometimes becomes bubbling. You see, when we look at something, our natural reaction is to judge it, to define it. We form opinions and conclusions that might be wrong. We create our own poetry and dreams, we talk with ourselves in our heads and we might blind ourselves.
On the other hand, when feeling that we can release the pressure and see the world directly, our perception can expand. You can see promptly and in a condition of awakening. Your eyes become wider and wider and you see that the world is so colorful, blooming and astounding, full of breathtaking wonders.

In such a way synchronizing the body and the mind is connected to the developing of fearlessness. By fearlessness, I don’t mean to be able to jump out of a rock or to put your finger in the fire. By it, I mean the ability to react to the world promptly. Using your sensual perceptions in absolute rightfulness to the outside world. This affects you as a person also. If by looking in the mirror you see yourself, your hair, your face, your clothes – you see that you belong to this world, you see that you have a special place here.
You begin to understand that you are worth to be here right now in this universe, to exist in it. You see that this world shows exceptional hospitality towards you.


This synchronization of the body and mind happens gradually. In the beginning, we need to overcome the illusion that we are our thoughts. Meditating, we are experiencing this interdependence and connectedness to all things around us. We feel that everything is connected. We begin to listen and go deep, then we start seeing the world the way it really is. Going on this journey holds great possibilities. Self-acceptance, authentic kindness to others and love towards nature are just the first steps towards this way of life.

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Youth has no age.

Growing up to 100 years without really being old. Think about it what is better than a long journey on planet earth, along with health and without all the negatives that age causes.

I am going to start by sharing a few stories of people which are true inspiration. The first one is about a woman – Ruth Flowers. She was 68 when suddenly she lost her husband. They were together more than 40 years. Ruth decided not to stay in their home where everything reminded her of her lost. Instead she decided to start a career as a DJ. When she shared that idea with her friends they decided that she went nuts affected by the recent loss. In 2009 she is already DJ-ing in elite clubs in London, Ibiza, New York, LA and Tokyo. She is famous for her DJ name Mamy Rock. She is gone on 27 of March 2014 at the age of 83.

The second is for a guy called Lloyd Kahn. At the age of 65 he decides that it is a good time to start skateboarding. He stood up on a board for the first time in his life. What happened next is he fell almost immediately and hurt himself. Most people would probably give up, but that’s not the case here. This is just a reminder for him to get the protective gear and jump on it again. He shares – “I don’t do any special tricks. I don’t ride like the teenagers,” “I try not to go too fast, so that I could always jump off and land on my feet. So, in my case, there’s nothing extreme about it, I just like to ride.” Lloyd has always found it important to do what he likes to and to live in harmony with himself and the world around him.


The third one is about Montserrat Mecho she is 78 years old. The first time she jumps out of a plane with a parachute is 41 – In that moment, Montserrat admits, she felt total bliss. Montserrat has also broken a few records in swimming. She is also a downhill-skier, a wind-surfer, and a diver. And, all this for the simple reason that extreme sports make her happy. In pursuing happiness, Montserrat continues to ascend into the sky, climb mountains, and submerge herself into the depths of the seas.


While I am writing these stories a question occurs. What keeps us healthy and happy while we go through life? Deep down we all know what is it that we need to do. We know what will make us happier, what will make us healthier, what will help us grow. We know exactly what we should be doing with our time, with our lives. Despite knowing all of that, we just don’t ACT on it. It just becomes one of those things that we talk about, dream about and obsess about, but it never makes it way into our reality.

The reason I shared those stories with you is that I find them to be fascinating, not only that, but they include bravery, ability to change, overcome and adapt. People say that at the age of 60+ those processes are a lot difficult than as we are young. I shared them in order for you to overthink your life. I mean the decision you make as a person every single day. Think about it each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path – get up, dress up go to work, you know the drill. We already did that yesterday. Yet, each day is a new opportunity, new adventure, new people along the way. I want to inspire you to take control and pursue the things that are meaningful to you, truly, and make you happy. The time is now! Embrace change, try new things out, go out and experiment with yourself.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

There is no better moment then the present one. Because at the end that is all that matters.


Do not get me wrong everyone is individual some people love their jobs and this kind of life fits them – people have different interests, the point here is not to encourage you to become a DJ or Jump out of an airplane or even skateboard. It is not encouraging you to peruse someone else’s lifestyle, It is to awake that voice within you to live a happy and meaningful life.

I also like to remind you that life is more of a journey than a destination. It may sound cliché but that’s the way it is. Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you. Stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.

To conclude – you may ask how does youth has no age, when I am getting old my body does not act the same as it did before. I say youth is a state of mind. Youth is not a time of our life’s, it is more a state of mind, it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Those people stories are the proof. I will end with a harsh but kind of true quote

“Some people die at 25 and are not buried until 75”.

So what are you waiting for, go out there, go to new places, meet new people, help strangers, smile for no reason. Experience life to the fullest!

Flotation and sensory deprivation tanks

I’m often asked what is flotation and what is a sensory deprivation tank.
This is something I have experienced not too long ago on my semester abroad.
And I can tell you that it is one of the best things I have tried in my short existence.
This is an experience that expands your consciousness, turns you inside out and makes your ego shallow.


The sensory deprivation tank is basically a tool for evolving, developing your mind and becoming who you really are. By the latter I mean becoming the observer, the being that feels emotions, enjoys the sun, and is a part of nature.

The tank is filled with water, the water is heated to the same temperature of your  body, inside the water there are ~500kg of  magnesium sulfate (MgSo4) which makes your body float above, just like in Dead Sea. So basically, you are just laying inside, relaxing and because the water is heated as the same temperature as your body, after a while you stop feeling it and become senseless.


You enter this room, and inside there is a bath and the chamber. You get undressed, take a shower, put ear pods in your ears and step into it. Then by your decision you can float either with an open door, or a closed one.(not everyone can do it with a closed one, but this is when the magic unfolds).
Already inside, you are in this dark place, floating, not feeling anything, not hearing anything, and it’s just you and your mind. And this is the moment when you actually see what really is going on. You begin to listen. Your mind is running like a crazy monkey jumping from thoughts to thoughts without stopping. This is something that needs correction. We have to calm that little animal and put it into a cage. Because remember, you are not your mind.

After a while you begin to relax and get into a meditative state of mind. You start breathing deep, your body becomes more vibrant, you become more aware.The first twenty minutes or so, are a sort of a seminar of your life. It shows you all the different issues of it that you don’t like, things that are bothering you, things about your behavior, disappointments and so on. Things that had happened, why they happened this way and how you should have reacted or done differently.

Once you are done with this contemplation, and clear all that bullshit in your life, you start to think about the big picture. Your body completely settles into the experience and your mind slowly becomes more clear. I personally have thought about the universe, the human beings, each individual’s actions, having different experiences in each others lives and you just go deeper and deeper. All of this without the body in the way.


Imagine yourself like an onion. When you first start doing the isolation tank you peel only a couple of  layers. Couple of skins loose, you can’t really go to the core. It’s too hard to completely let go of who you are. But as you keep doing it and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you really start letting go. You let go of things that have happened to you, either negative or positive, you let go of emotions, you let go of past relationships, you let go of letting go. And this is the point where you become gone. You disappear. What fades away is the ego, the shell that we have around ourselves. There is a point where you completely relax and feel how everything and everyone is connected.

This is an environment that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, its free of distractions, that is what it makes it so special. It’s like you find yourself again in your mother’s womb. You get to your center of consciousness and its a hell of a ride.
Everybody should do the tank, you will learn more about yourself, develop your thinking and gain wonderful insights. It’s an amazing way to think.
It was built by the scientist John Lilly, a psychonaut who used the tank under the influence of different psychedelics in order to achieve greater and more profound understanding.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to know more about the topic, you can shoot me a message or take a look at this documentary:
Float Nation

Routines. What are they and why we need them?

Routines. What are they and why we need them?

Honestly, I need to say I hated routines. I just didn’t want to do the same thing over and over again. Like a rat running in a hamster wheel. Where was that going to lead me? What for? 

But hear me out here, please. Routines are that much important then doing something new. The key point is that without a routine you can’t go anywhere deep enough to produce meaningful results. I am talking about work and self-build habits here, where those can be implemented anywhere anytime. And the most shocking truth is that we have routines doesn’t matter, if we like them or not. We are just blind for those we do already.  Hating  routines is unproductive. It’s like an action paralysis. 

I will explain. I know it is absolutely boring to do some routines and I am not advocating to stop being creative. But rather being all over the place, making a set of routines is essential to results. It is slow repetitive action, grind. And, if you are having a though time getting on board with loving your routines are creating new. Well that is easy to overcome. It is a matter of grit. You may think that you don’t have energy or it will be boring, you don’t have motivation yada, yada. In other words just simple mental blocks. We aint been born like a robot all programmed to be excellent, So we need to learn from the best practices. And first step to optimize your life is by setting routines. That will make you much more productive, organized and it will actually save you nerves and time.

Why do we make routines?

Most of the time we do so even unconsciously. It is our human nature. It is drilled in a our nervous system and muscles. Lets take a look at what snowboarders and elite athletes are doing. They train day and night, for days. Doing that specific movement over and over again. Perhaps looking like idiots while training doing the same thing. However, it is a much deeper process and they know it. It is going to affect your performance later on. It will save you time. It will be smother. It will turn off your judgmental mind. It will become unconscious. This is huge. 

Where athletes don’t call them “routines”, the word itself it is actually affected with bad reputation already. Simply “drills”. Drilling is rapid and effective. Doing them over and over make you reduce the unpredictable factors outside of your control. It is a focused process of action that allows you to stay confident. That happens when you have built those neural pathways and the movement is drilled down in your muscle memory.

When I was training Taekwon-do I have done tons of drills. Every training session is entails them. The same is now, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and snowboarding. It is inevitable to gain that calm state of confidence. Based on past experience. That’s how you gain expertise.

From where to start? 

There are a lot of business books on how habits and routines work. And which are  “the best” practices. A few recommendations are “5 sec rule” Mel Robbins, “The power of habit” Charles Duhigg, the classic “7 Habits of highly effective people” Steven Covey.  And much more. I might share my book list in the near future. Goodreads is a wonderful platform. I try to systemized them there.

However, just reading those books won’t be a change itself. If you read many books, the only thing you will improve is your reading skill. And that is fine, unless you want something deeper than that. We speak here about behavior change, most likely entailing identity change. That is just a word, but I will discuss it in other post. Shortly it is sometimes the case to drop an old habit to replace it with a new one.

And to sum up, I would like to leave you with a simple practice exercise. Try to write your routines at home. Just those when you spend your time there. Make a long list of those things you spend time doing the most. And see what is your browsing routine. This one is huge. Block the websites you are wasting much time in.

By making this simple analysis you will be able to see that you actually have routines, everybody does. So why not upgrade those which doen’t excell you?