Category: Self-improvement

Youth has no age.

Apr 17 2018
Ivan Ivanov

Growing up to 100 years without really being old. Think about it what is better than a long journey on planet earth, along with health and without all the negatives that age causes. I am going to start by sharing…

Travelling Rant

Mar 21 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Do you like to travel? Yes, you probably do. Although some of us are not daring to do it that is becoming more and more of a rhetorical question. Traveling is supported by mainstream media, social media, airlines, tour agencies,…

The path of least resistance

Feb 06 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Most people walk in a haze through life. It is literally everyday it’s just another day to push. Why is that. It is easier to keep your senses close. It is easier to let marketing and advertising to dictate your…

Time off

Dec 22 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Working and grinding is necessary to survive. And essential for success. However, why do we work so much if we can’t enjoy what we currently have? Everybody has a different way to spend their free time. That’s a sure thing.…