Flotation and sensory deprivation tanks

I’m often asked what is flotation and what is a sensory deprivation tank.
This is something I have experienced not too long ago on my semester abroad.
And I can tell you that it is one of the best things I have tried in my short existence.
This is an experience that expands your consciousness, turns you inside out and makes your ego shallow.


The sensory deprivation tank is basically a tool for evolving, developing your mind and becoming who you really are. By the latter I mean becoming the observer, the being that feels emotions, enjoys the sun, and is a part of nature.

The tank is filled with water, the water is heated to the same temperature of your  body, inside the water there are ~500kg of  magnesium sulfate (MgSo4) which makes your body float above, just like in Dead Sea. So basically, you are just laying inside, relaxing and because the water is heated as the same temperature as your body, after a while you stop feeling it and become senseless.


You enter this room, and inside there is a bath and the chamber. You get undressed, take a shower, put ear pods in your ears and step into it. Then by your decision you can float either with an open door, or a closed one.(not everyone can do it with a closed one, but this is when the magic unfolds).
Already inside, you are in this dark place, floating, not feeling anything, not hearing anything, and it’s just you and your mind. And this is the moment when you actually see what really is going on. You begin to listen. Your mind is running like a crazy monkey jumping from thoughts to thoughts without stopping. This is something that needs correction. We have to calm that little animal and put it into a cage. Because remember, you are not your mind.

After a while you begin to relax and get into a meditative state of mind. You start breathing deep, your body becomes more vibrant, you become more aware.The first twenty minutes or so, are a sort of a seminar of your life. It shows you all the different issues of it that you don’t like, things that are bothering you, things about your behavior, disappointments and so on. Things that had happened, why they happened this way and how you should have reacted or done differently.

Once you are done with this contemplation, and clear all that bullshit in your life, you start to think about the big picture. Your body completely settles into the experience and your mind slowly becomes more clear. I personally have thought about the universe, the human beings, each individual’s actions, having different experiences in each others lives and you just go deeper and deeper. All of this without the body in the way.


Imagine yourself like an onion. When you first start doing the isolation tank you peel only a couple of  layers. Couple of skins loose, you can’t really go to the core. It’s too hard to completely let go of who you are. But as you keep doing it and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you really start letting go. You let go of things that have happened to you, either negative or positive, you let go of emotions, you let go of past relationships, you let go of letting go. And this is the point where you become gone. You disappear. What fades away is the ego, the shell that we have around ourselves. There is a point where you completely relax and feel how everything and everyone is connected.

This is an environment that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, its free of distractions, that is what it makes it so special. It’s like you find yourself again in your mother’s womb. You get to your center of consciousness and its a hell of a ride.
Everybody should do the tank, you will learn more about yourself, develop your thinking and gain wonderful insights. It’s an amazing way to think.
It was built by the scientist John Lilly, a psychonaut who used the tank under the influence of different psychedelics in order to achieve greater and more profound understanding.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to know more about the topic, you can shoot me a message or take a look at this documentary:
Float Nation

Travelling Rant

Do you like to travel? Yes, you probably do. Although some of us are not daring to do it that is becoming more and more of a rhetorical question.

Traveling is supported by mainstream media, social media, airlines, tour agencies, friends and so on. They are all creating that imaginary lifestyle that we tend to read in the magazines. A mainstream message for a mainstream crowd.

But it wasn’t always like that. Years before the invention of the airplane in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, things were different. And even then they were no commercial flights for the masses. So what did the people do? Didn’t they wanted to travel for the weekend far away. Why shouldn’t they?

Perhaps that was the real game changer shifting from travel “to give” to “travel to get”.

None of us have lived in both those realms. Yet, we can imagine how the history shaped migration through the years. And that was far more interesting than a weekends escape from reality. Moreover from obligations and frames set by somebody else. Where in the times without media and lifestyle were obscure, people did traveled for other reasons.


It was dangerous, you could be killed and you may never see your family again. Imagine the quests of Marco Polo to find the Silk Road.  This courageous attempt led to more and more discovery and exploration. And we can see that he wanted something, but he gave along the way too. He didn’t purchase a safe economic flight to China, he instead sacrificed his life and went for an adventure. Then creating a mutual bond between the west and the east for the first time of history.

You probably have heard that story before. Well how that help me you might ask? It is very simple. Inspire to travel and learn, give and explore. Rather than just going out for the weekend. That is called sightseeing, it is almost like traveling, but in a commoditized form. It is shallow and purposeless leading to more consumerism and hedonism.

And I know you can argue that we don’t have time to travel or money or whatever is there stopping you. But we have choice, to go seek pleasure or explore other culture. There are infinite moves and documentaries nowadays that can show us what is it like there, where we want to go. This is hacking geography and rules that have framed people for centuries. We don’t have those boarders now, yet we waste them for egoistic goals instead.


They are all sorts of travel nowadays, the facts are that with every year the world is becoming more of a safer place.

We can choose our destination, our companions, the vehicle, the time and the activities. We have that freedom that most of us waste. We let some tour agencies decide what we would like, because we were generalized like the group before us. They offer us that what sells. It is a business, a very profitable one indeed.

So what are we left with? The reason I write this post is to bring awareness to a problem I see. It is the simple fact we have that much choices, but the stupidity of neglecting them.  I have recently read this book called Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts and I would recommend it to anyone willing to switch gears and embrace the true uncertainty of travelling.

I do have a lot of personal stories and experience in different countries, which I would like to share too. My preferences are for a meaningful mid-term travelling, speaking about a single place. The way I view it, I need at least 4 months to get to know a single place, perhaps even more. But that is the bare minimum to connect with the culture by talking with locals and doing your desirable activities.

PS: Customize your travel.

How to make the best out of your work and travel experience

Hi beautiful people!

First of all what I would like to suggest to you is do not plan out your summer experience. At all! Yes don’t make any plans. Go with the flow. I do not mean to be passive and lazy, but instead try to surf through the waves of life, like a surfer in the ocean. We are all floating in a river, that carries you along the way. Some people are swimming against it, other however have learned that a good way to go through it is to swim with it. By going with the river you acquire its force.
It’s about wakeful trust and total collaboration with whats happening with you and inside your life at this point. Do not go with the mindset of making money either. It might sound crazy to some of you but bear with me for a while, I will explain myself. This opportunity to go overseas and visit a foreign country is not only about working three jobs from morning to evening and making paper.


Do not go there to get exploited and to work shitty jobs. What helped me along my journey was going there without any expectations and totally mind free. What you need to remember through your journey is the art of being PRESENT. So called living in the present moment. Here and now. You see, we humans are very strange beings. We stress about the future all the time, we cling onto past experiences, and if you think about it does it really make sense to do such thing? You cannot change the past, it has already happened, and the future is too uncertain. When you aren’t being present you become a victim of time. Your mind is pulled into the past or future, or both. You start to vibrate on lower frequencies and cannot make the best out of your everyday life. Enough for the present moment for now, I will explain it deeper in another post. Don’t stress, don’t pressure things and be patient.

Have you heard about the backwards law? A concept created and popularized by the western philosopher Alan Watts. Simply put, the backwards law is a paradoxical theory which states that the more you focus on something the less the chance that you will succeed. The harder you try to do something the less you are to accomplish it. The more that you pursue feeling better all the time, the more dissatisfied you end up being. Now, you cannot apply this to every aspect of your life. But try to remember it and use it sometimes when times get difficult. Simply step back, observe and let things sort themself out.


You want to  use any travel experience to grow within and be the best version of yourself. Try to explore as much as you can and to socialize with different people everyday. Wake up every morning and have a positive mindset by thinking how you are going to meet interesting people and do some mad adventures.
Find a job offer that suits your needs. Housekeeping sucks,dishwashing sucks, working in a laundry room sucks. Best jobs offers are found in the hospitality environment. Such are bussers, servers, bartenders and anything that includes tips. These are the job offers that will get you the best money for the least time.
You can work from six to eight hours a day and save about 10000$ for 4 months working a server job or bartending which is the best job for a J1 student like you and me. What you do with the rest 16 or 18 hours is up to you. You can go to the beach to enjoy the sun, swim, hike, bike, go exploring,meditate or whatever comes to your mind. Think about something that will make your life good and help you in your future affairs. Invest in yourself at any time possible.
What I did is spend a lot of time in the woods and swim in the cold waters of Tahoe  every single day! You have to make the best of every day because this experience doesn’t last that much, and it is such a great opportunity. It gets you out of your comfort zone, and this is the place where we grow as individuals and create ourselves.
You must become the creator of your life. The initiator and the observer. Not a victim of circumstances. You are the one who creates the circumstances and affect them, not the other way around.
I will give you a personal example. I got kicked out from my house and I became homeless but I didn’t stress or whined about my situation. I grabbed my hammock and went camping on the lake. I was waking up every morning with the sun shining in my eyes and after a gentle yoga I was in the lake swimming. What im saying is I accepted things as they are. Do no judje them.  I knew in my head that I will figure something out. A week later I was living in a house with a mexican family.And their two little dogs – Gucci and Bonbon. Sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective. Try to find light in every dark spot. Make the best out of every situation and ask yourself – Okay,what is the best thing I can go in this moment? Will it server me any good? Is it worth it?


Nothing is impossible, American employers love people who are initiative, open-minded and intelligent. You can work whatever you want and make as much money as you want as long as you believe it, and of course put the work!
Afterall our belief system plays a major part in our lives. You are what you BELIEVE you are. If you believe that you will be a housekeeper and work for shitty wage in a shitty hotel, then what do you expect? My last experience was a big experiment for me.
I went to the states at the last moment and worked in a cafe washing dishes. This went on for a month and I was pissed. In my head I knew that I was capable of doing something much more and that I had a big potential. Couple of days later I began working for a luxury club bartending and serving. How crazy is that? Before coming to the states I visualized in my head such thing. That I will work in a luxurious place with rich people.
I suggest you to read two books that will help you along your future journey in life.

Your Invisible Power
Awaken the Giant Within

Quick insights:

Always try to find the cheapest accommodation. No more than 100$ per week!
And this is even too much!
Whatever people say, you can always find something low-priced and affordable.
I spent two summers in CA, and people always ask me the same thing – “Wasn’t it expensive?” No, I always tried to find the cheapest deal. “Seek and you will find”

A great method of transportation. It’s free and you meet new people. I mean how great is that? I lived 15km away from my workplace and instead of paying 2$ for a bus ride, i just hitchhiked every time i went to work. Fun!

Try to meet new people and make friends.
This is massive. You can create friendships for a lifetime with people all over the world! And guess what, it opens so many doors for you! You might meet your soul mate also,who knows.

It is not necessary to stay at a job that you don’t like and enjoy. I mean life is short, why make it unpleasant? Even if it’s your main offer from the agency, you can quit that and find something that is more valuable and worthy for you. Something fun, maybe a beach attendant? Of course engage in such things with wise mind and awareness.

In conclusion, I will give you a quote to contemplate on:
Buy the ticket, take the ride – Hunter S. Thompson


Being effective

What is being effective and how to get better.

What is the single, most important, goal for me?

That is the question we all know we need to ask ourselves to get our priority straight. It is only one thing. Not number one, number two, etc. …  But here it gets a little complicated.

Being effective is not what we are in everything, that is called perfection. And I am sorry, but perfection isn’t the goal. It is a vague dream. 

“Strife for perfection to achieve excellence”

                                                                                     Vince Lombardi 

I like this quote, because it give us the reason to take massive action. But why we need to do more where we want to get more for less time? Isn’t that what is being effective? It is simple, we all want to be there, but it takes time. It takes practice. We haven’t been created with any knowledge or wisdom. We need to put time and try different things until we find something that clicks. Effectiveness is the goal of every modern business, trying to get more for those fixed cost that it is already paying. And it is funny how that transfers to our personal life. Well at least for some of us, who want more of it. We try to do more before going to work. Otherwise we are just chasing other people’s agenda. Sleep, eat, work, repeat. When that might be the case for some entrepreneurs, it is rarely a long-term goal.

How do we measure effectiveness? With time. A simple example. If you produce more units than Tony, for the same time, you are being more effective. Then the boss is likely to keep you longer on work and give you more props. Were that doesn’t mean that Tony isn’t efficient per se. Perhaps he haven’t right, or have been distracted, or he haven’t used the best method. Multiples criteria overlaps here and that’s why the isn’t one solution. Moreover there are many for different situations.

“If you do the right thing at the wrong time you get pain”

Tony Robbins


Wise words from a wise man. But what does that tell us? Do more things, to find those that fit in your capabilities. And eventually it will get smoother. But that require patience. Patience to improve your skills by practice and reading. Where that is only the entry-level. Knowledge isn’t effective, wisdom is. Knowledge is simply potential power that will help you resolve an issue/problem for “x” amount of time. Wisdom, on the other hand is that what is saving your time. And perhaps you need to pay for it sometimes to save yours. Because by definition wisdom is extracted from long hours of expertise. Where that gives you the ability to see what actually brings awesome results, not only works.  It is awesome to be in that level, but in these ages of mediocrity it is hard to find your way to mastery.

That’s why average methods and solutions aren’t much demanded. They are everywhere. Where creative new traits are prone to be effective. For every thing there are some secret moves that save time. If you don’t know how to grill a burger patty you won’t do it faster than a cook will. And it is like that for everything. Specialization is effective. There are being more tech job created after every new emerging technology. They tend to be very narrow and deep in their subject matter. That’s why I can’t describe what my friends are working to my grandmother.

Lastly, with all that being said about excelling and chasing results and goals, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Sometimes it happens that we have the resources to do certain thins the best way possible, aka being effective and creative. But other times it isn’t the case. I am still getting myself to do those things. It is also a reminder for myself and I hope you find that post helpful too. Upgrade with patience. Enjoy the process.

PS: If you lost your key in the hash. Don’t dig for it, ask your roommate to make a duplicate for you. 🙂


Living off the grid

Living off the grid is an awesome experience. Check out what I have to say.

Have you ever thought about selling everything and moving out somewhere unknown and desolated place? Hidden from lazy eyes, but waiting for the seeker to be discovered. A getaway spot that disconnects you from the urban fast pace life and reconnects you with nature.

We are a by-product of nature and we live again because of it. Nature is free for everyone and very diverse. It is there to makes us wonder and use its fruits as we wish. But sometimes we don’t look after nature the same way, she does. Which discussed in previous topic. (click here) All those gifts that we find valuable from the ground and above are for free. We put prices on them and label them, specialize their production. And we all need them, to craft our new house, so we have a shelter.

nature_background_light_stains_paint_83541_1280x1024.jpgBuilding houses is a big leap after cave man ages. We started to settle down for a local life. Creating this new style we saw the benefits to live in a static place. Where everything is there for us to exploit. We started to create villages with people from the same tribe. And over time it build up in a big tribe, later they share the same culture and it emerges into nation. And we than settle down for a more safer life.

When you are outside the city you start to experience the influence of mother nature stronger. You can glimpse moments of that way of living when camping or going to your village. But you are not really getting to understand the full way of it until you made a chose to that for a longer period of time. I remember how I was growing on the weekends outside of my hometown. It is very strange experience for a city child, but somehow, if you have inherited to value nature from your family or another way you do things differently. You won’t be angry if the Wi-fi doesn’t work, because you know you don’t need it. People living off the grid are offline. That’s the point. However, even if you are not used to that way of living you can move somewhere for a suitable time for you to experience the wild.

Remote living is a extreme for modern civilization and the fancy lifestyles that are praised by mainstream society. It is a sacrifice in those people’s eyes and that perspective is one of the many. Nature is there for you to interpret as you wish and desire. Perhaps you connect nature with the weather or the plans and animals they live in. Where all that is absolutely true, there is , more to add. Your could experience nature more fully if you decide to see and to engage yourself in more isolated place. Your local park is not going to give you that same feeling, nor a single trail hikes. It takes time to plant some tree and to see it grow. Any plant or take care of an animal, where you are disconnected from the web. Not much technologies, but enough food, water. Shelter and friends. Those are the basic needs to disconnect once from civilization and then to reconnect with nature. That will be sufficient way to appreciate what nature can offer you in its purest.

Those remote places give me so much serenity and tranquility that nothing else. I am a nature lover and I see the beauty of it. When you wake up with the sun and go to bed with it. You are cultivating more energy, and you are at ease. You don’t feel rushed you just taking your time to go through the day to do certain things, but it’s not that demanding for your attention and making you scattered. Those are still save conditions to live a normal life, you are not trying to survive, you are living. And the key is to get used to it with those sober conditions, where later you can allow yourself some technologies. Why this order is that important? Because, technologies nowadays are still not that well supported in off grid places. And more likely less reliable. You don’t want to freak out with internet don’t you. No Netflix and Pringles. … O M G

PS: I currently live at the house on the main picture  ^_^