Flotation and sensory deprivation tanks

I’m often asked what is flotation and what is a sensory deprivation tank.
This is something I have experienced not too long ago on my semester abroad.
And I can tell you that it is one of the best things I have tried in my short existence.
This is an experience that expands your consciousness, turns you inside out and makes your ego shallow.


The sensory deprivation tank is basically a tool for evolving, developing your mind and becoming who you really are. By the latter I mean becoming the observer, the being that feels emotions, enjoys the sun, and is a part of nature.

The tank is filled with water, the water is heated to the same temperature of your  body, inside the water there are ~500kg of  magnesium sulfate (MgSo4) which makes your body float above, just like in Dead Sea. So basically, you are just laying inside, relaxing and because the water is heated as the same temperature as your body, after a while you stop feeling it and become senseless.


You enter this room, and inside there is a bath and the chamber. You get undressed, take a shower, put ear pods in your ears and step into it. Then by your decision you can float either with an open door, or a closed one.(not everyone can do it with a closed one, but this is when the magic unfolds).
Already inside, you are in this dark place, floating, not feeling anything, not hearing anything, and it’s just you and your mind. And this is the moment when you actually see what really is going on. You begin to listen. Your mind is running like a crazy monkey jumping from thoughts to thoughts without stopping. This is something that needs correction. We have to calm that little animal and put it into a cage. Because remember, you are not your mind.

After a while you begin to relax and get into a meditative state of mind. You start breathing deep, your body becomes more vibrant, you become more aware.The first twenty minutes or so, are a sort of a seminar of your life. It shows you all the different issues of it that you don’t like, things that are bothering you, things about your behavior, disappointments and so on. Things that had happened, why they happened this way and how you should have reacted or done differently.

Once you are done with this contemplation, and clear all that bullshit in your life, you start to think about the big picture. Your body completely settles into the experience and your mind slowly becomes more clear. I personally have thought about the universe, the human beings, each individual’s actions, having different experiences in each others lives and you just go deeper and deeper. All of this without the body in the way.


Imagine yourself like an onion. When you first start doing the isolation tank you peel only a couple of  layers. Couple of skins loose, you can’t really go to the core. It’s too hard to completely let go of who you are. But as you keep doing it and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you really start letting go. You let go of things that have happened to you, either negative or positive, you let go of emotions, you let go of past relationships, you let go of letting go. And this is the point where you become gone. You disappear. What fades away is the ego, the shell that we have around ourselves. There is a point where you completely relax and feel how everything and everyone is connected.

This is an environment that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, its free of distractions, that is what it makes it so special. It’s like you find yourself again in your mother’s womb. You get to your center of consciousness and its a hell of a ride.
Everybody should do the tank, you will learn more about yourself, develop your thinking and gain wonderful insights. It’s an amazing way to think.
It was built by the scientist John Lilly, a psychonaut who used the tank under the influence of different psychedelics in order to achieve greater and more profound understanding.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to know more about the topic, you can shoot me a message or take a look at this documentary:
Float Nation

Be here. Now.

What is up, people?

Have you heard about the present moment? It is the best place where you can possibly be. If you are living right here, now, consciously and with awareness, you are rich.
Don’t anticipate and don’t cling onto things from the past. Let the past go, with  forgiveness and let the future go with no anticipation and no expectations.  Who do you think you are? I believe we are souls, wearing a human body, having a human experience. We are here on this earth to grow ourselves, do acts of kindness and help each other, no matter what.

Everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. The people you meet, the things that are happening to you, the cat down the road, everything.
We have a creative power deep within us, but the way we were raised and conditioned to live in today’s society has caused us to forget. Life is a game and if you don’t wake yourself up, you will be forever playing on the lower levels. How do you escape?

Hit the books,develop critical thinking and start being present.

Art by Alex Grey

On the surface its seems like the present moment is only one of many moments. Each day of your life appears to consist of thousands of moments where different things happen. Yet if you look more deeply is it not only one moment ever? Is life ever not this moment ? This one moment is the only thing you can never escape from. The one constant factor in your life. No matter what happens, no matter how much your life changes. One thing is certain, it’s always now. Since there is no escape from the now, why not welcome it? Become friendly with it? When you make friends with your present moment you feel home, no matter where you are. If you don’t feel home in the now, no matter where you go you will carry unease with you.  The present moment is as it is. Always. Can you let it be? The division of life into past, present and future is manmade. Time is a social construct. It’s an illusion. Do you think time exists in nature? Do you think the flower looks at its hand watch and says to itself – “Oh look it’s almost 07:00 am i should blossom”


Mental abstraction, the past can only be remembered now. What you remember is an event that took place in the now and you remember it now. The future,when it comes is the now, so the only thing that is real, the only thing that ever is, is the now.
Acknowledge the present moment, honor it. When the now is your primary focus of your life, your life unfolds with ease. Washing the dishes, studying for an exam, talking with a mind-boggling professor, planning a trip. What is more important the doing or the result that you want to achieve through the doing? This moment or some future moment? Do you treat this moment as if it were an obstacle to overcome? Do you wait for the future to bring good moments?  If you are not living in the now, the future brings discomfort and tension. Let me explain myself with an example. You have an exam next week, a very important one.
What is going on in your mind? “Am i going to take it?” “What if i fail?” “What if my mind stops and I don’t write anything”?  All sorts of these kind of questions. You stress without a reason, and bring low-frequency vibes to your life.

Feel the aliveness within your body, that anchors you into the now.
Ultimately you are not taking responsibility for your life, until you take responsibility this moment, now. Now is the only place where life can be found. Taking responsibility for this moment, means not to impose or argue with what is. It means to be in alignment with life.
To accept things as they are.

A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises into the now, within and without. Never carry on tension from the past. It is gone. It does not exist. No room for trouble making, just this moment as it is. The moment you enter the now with your attention, you realise that life is sacred. The more you live into the now, the more you feel the simple, yet profound joy of being and the sacredness of all life. The present moment is deeper that what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. The Now is deeper that any content that arrises in it. When you tap into the now you step out of your content of your mind. Excessive thinking slows down, and thoughts don’t draw you into daydreaming. Gaps arise in between thoughts.
Stillness, you begin to realise how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts. You are not your mind.


In conclusion i will leave you with a book on the topic:

The power of now

How to make the best out of your work and travel experience

Hi beautiful people!

First of all what I would like to suggest to you is do not plan out your summer experience. At all! Yes don’t make any plans. Go with the flow. I do not mean to be passive and lazy, but instead try to surf through the waves of life, like a surfer in the ocean. We are all floating in a river, that carries you along the way. Some people are swimming against it, other however have learned that a good way to go through it is to swim with it. By going with the river you acquire its force.
It’s about wakeful trust and total collaboration with whats happening with you and inside your life at this point. Do not go with the mindset of making money either. It might sound crazy to some of you but bear with me for a while, I will explain myself. This opportunity to go overseas and visit a foreign country is not only about working three jobs from morning to evening and making paper.


Do not go there to get exploited and to work shitty jobs. What helped me along my journey was going there without any expectations and totally mind free. What you need to remember through your journey is the art of being PRESENT. So called living in the present moment. Here and now. You see, we humans are very strange beings. We stress about the future all the time, we cling onto past experiences, and if you think about it does it really make sense to do such thing? You cannot change the past, it has already happened, and the future is too uncertain. When you aren’t being present you become a victim of time. Your mind is pulled into the past or future, or both. You start to vibrate on lower frequencies and cannot make the best out of your everyday life. Enough for the present moment for now, I will explain it deeper in another post. Don’t stress, don’t pressure things and be patient.

Have you heard about the backwards law? A concept created and popularized by the western philosopher Alan Watts. Simply put, the backwards law is a paradoxical theory which states that the more you focus on something the less the chance that you will succeed. The harder you try to do something the less you are to accomplish it. The more that you pursue feeling better all the time, the more dissatisfied you end up being. Now, you cannot apply this to every aspect of your life. But try to remember it and use it sometimes when times get difficult. Simply step back, observe and let things sort themself out.


You want to  use any travel experience to grow within and be the best version of yourself. Try to explore as much as you can and to socialize with different people everyday. Wake up every morning and have a positive mindset by thinking how you are going to meet interesting people and do some mad adventures.
Find a job offer that suits your needs. Housekeeping sucks,dishwashing sucks, working in a laundry room sucks. Best jobs offers are found in the hospitality environment. Such are bussers, servers, bartenders and anything that includes tips. These are the job offers that will get you the best money for the least time.
You can work from six to eight hours a day and save about 10000$ for 4 months working a server job or bartending which is the best job for a J1 student like you and me. What you do with the rest 16 or 18 hours is up to you. You can go to the beach to enjoy the sun, swim, hike, bike, go exploring,meditate or whatever comes to your mind. Think about something that will make your life good and help you in your future affairs. Invest in yourself at any time possible.
What I did is spend a lot of time in the woods and swim in the cold waters of Tahoe  every single day! You have to make the best of every day because this experience doesn’t last that much, and it is such a great opportunity. It gets you out of your comfort zone, and this is the place where we grow as individuals and create ourselves.
You must become the creator of your life. The initiator and the observer. Not a victim of circumstances. You are the one who creates the circumstances and affect them, not the other way around.
I will give you a personal example. I got kicked out from my house and I became homeless but I didn’t stress or whined about my situation. I grabbed my hammock and went camping on the lake. I was waking up every morning with the sun shining in my eyes and after a gentle yoga I was in the lake swimming. What im saying is I accepted things as they are. Do no judje them.  I knew in my head that I will figure something out. A week later I was living in a house with a mexican family.And their two little dogs – Gucci and Bonbon. Sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective. Try to find light in every dark spot. Make the best out of every situation and ask yourself – Okay,what is the best thing I can go in this moment? Will it server me any good? Is it worth it?


Nothing is impossible, American employers love people who are initiative, open-minded and intelligent. You can work whatever you want and make as much money as you want as long as you believe it, and of course put the work!
Afterall our belief system plays a major part in our lives. You are what you BELIEVE you are. If you believe that you will be a housekeeper and work for shitty wage in a shitty hotel, then what do you expect? My last experience was a big experiment for me.
I went to the states at the last moment and worked in a cafe washing dishes. This went on for a month and I was pissed. In my head I knew that I was capable of doing something much more and that I had a big potential. Couple of days later I began working for a luxury club bartending and serving. How crazy is that? Before coming to the states I visualized in my head such thing. That I will work in a luxurious place with rich people.
I suggest you to read two books that will help you along your future journey in life.

Your Invisible Power
Awaken the Giant Within

Quick insights:

Always try to find the cheapest accommodation. No more than 100$ per week!
And this is even too much!
Whatever people say, you can always find something low-priced and affordable.
I spent two summers in CA, and people always ask me the same thing – “Wasn’t it expensive?” No, I always tried to find the cheapest deal. “Seek and you will find”

A great method of transportation. It’s free and you meet new people. I mean how great is that? I lived 15km away from my workplace and instead of paying 2$ for a bus ride, i just hitchhiked every time i went to work. Fun!

Try to meet new people and make friends.
This is massive. You can create friendships for a lifetime with people all over the world! And guess what, it opens so many doors for you! You might meet your soul mate also,who knows.

It is not necessary to stay at a job that you don’t like and enjoy. I mean life is short, why make it unpleasant? Even if it’s your main offer from the agency, you can quit that and find something that is more valuable and worthy for you. Something fun, maybe a beach attendant? Of course engage in such things with wise mind and awareness.

In conclusion, I will give you a quote to contemplate on:
Buy the ticket, take the ride – Hunter S. Thompson


Who are you gonna be, if you could become whatever you want?

It sounds like you need some extraterrestrial power here to help you change. But seriously think about the following questions.

Can we really change our current situation? 

What, if we see no limits for our greatness?

What will happen, if you could become anything? Is your choice going to be easier or harder?

Which superhero are you going to pick, or you are going to create your own?

Yes it might sound like some philosophy far from reality, but lets take a look from what is really stopping us. As a simple imagination exercise try to answer the previous questions. And perhaps when you try, you will see it isn’t that easy, although it is just a thought experiment. Our mind is creating this million other possibilities to pick from when there are no boundaries. They expand our imagination and our choice gets more difficult. Or maybe it’s just me.


Here is what we could do. accepting external rules and dogmas are somewhat necessary, if we want to fit in the system. While some of them we could replace with our own. What I mean by that? Well the questions actually aren’t that much far from the future to become reality. That isn’t some magical show and I am not talking about the circus. In fact, take a look what Space X have done in the last years. It takes a lot to launch a rocket into space. And not even that, but to make more progress than NASA or Russian’s Roscosmos. That was building the first reusable rocket. Also Moon Express is aiming extremely high. Naveen Jain is an astonishing man, with goals so big that he literally knows no boundaries. At least for us it looks like that. Where he first knew he wants to become and set his own boundaries. His company is planning to launch a first robotic mission to go to the Moon and start exploring its natural resources. Where he initially intends to extract and collect Helium 3 to bring it back to Earth, that is only the beginning. Helium 3 has the potential power to fire fusion nuclear reactors and create energy. Where this is a big enough change by itself, he aims far beyond it. Landing on the moon is only going to be the first milestone to a multiplanetary life, is what he says.  And there are other people like Jeff Bezos and sir Richard Branson, who as well are aiming for the space.

This example is just a preview of what is possible. And new opportunities arise with each technical solution brought to the market. Where technology is often understood as machines and electronics it can be much more. It is also well implemented in medicine and neuroscience, pharmacology and education. Those domains are growing with huge exponential trends and it seems they are not stopping. And everything that is being created is getting tempting to buy. We seek the different we seek the new crazy stuff, that’s how we are wired. That is how Internet of Things is boosting data science, when we buy those new technologies. We are measuring our activity in multiple ways and everything in return gets back into analysis and modification.

Is now answering those initial questions now more compelling? I hope so. Where we constantly move from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain we restrict growth. But some of us overcome those blocks. And truly it is hard, but seeking for something more is the key. Being comfortable is temporary, because there is always some of us trying to get our spot. It is a battle. Funny enough, I don’t believe that one’s success determines other person’s failure. But comfort and procrastination does.