How to snap out of the safe lane?

In this age of time we are radical losing sense of our understanding how things works.

During teenage years we learn how to socialize despite all. And we grow personally in terms of identity. That, for the most part, remains the same through our lives. But what doesn’t is our cognitive sens-making.

What I really mean is that our appeal of how the world operates, for example businesses, NGO, government, communities and so on. Is reduced to overlooking design. It is first time of history that we started making ourselves smarter cognitively. We can go in a lot of depth to study, but not so much in terms of understanding and connecting with others.


It perhaps has started after the second World War and the being of the Cold War. When innovation got us out of our heads looking forward to something. Deliberating searching something that will substitute the default depression state. Because thinking about doing something we desire is saving us from our boredom/fear. Some are more prone to except fear and restrain themselves so there grow, others accept boredom. And we can see that in elders where they become more and more used to the rotation of things in their daily life.

It is overwhelming to accumulate so much information and not get it. It is maybe a time to accept the quest of making things more transparent. Only a few people understand what is really happening. A clarification is needed. How the world works. Is it that ordinary people can’t climb the ladder to reach success? Or if they do, is that going to make them happy?

Or maybe more important questions (take 5 min to answer them):

  1. What is the point of being rich and famous when you are not happy?

2. And if you assume happiness is bound to material success what happens when you lose it?

3. How does that change our identity?

Well more and more people go mad after much drama and despair. We have seen that in TV shows and life. We mimic them to follow society, avoid looking weird. That is a limiting perception.

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

What entrepreneurs and hippies, rebels and all those small communities have in common is that they seek understanding. It is a crave for the truth. It is a quest to rediscover the hidden treasure. We all have died to in our boredom and fear before. But some of us make it out of it. They pick their vision and let the odds play to their favor. By working hard they show discipline and will. By acting on the idea its net worth increase, which makes it wroth spreading.


That’s why creatives need some risk tolerance to go in for the kill. And that might be radical and bold move. In order to “burn the boats” and do their work. It is like giving up all your getaways backward by choosing only one possible way. It is a powerful way to do something wroth exploring by committing to it. But it could be very much dangerous if you misunderstand it to do something that isn’t going to work. In reality you are rolling the dice. Which entails the big responsibility of any consequences after the fact on your shoulders. So what do you choose?

Safety lane or creative path?

There is a beauty to connect with others on personal level. It seals values and makes those people know each for years. Even though they might have been met the same day. It is enhancing time. There are many forms of expressing yourself and they are all arts.

Pick yours and share.


Youth has no age.

Growing up to 100 years without really being old. Think about it what is better than a long journey on planet earth, along with health and without all the negatives that age causes.

I am going to start by sharing a few stories of people which are true inspiration. The first one is about a woman – Ruth Flowers. She was 68 when suddenly she lost her husband. They were together more than 40 years. Ruth decided not to stay in their home where everything reminded her of her lost. Instead she decided to start a career as a DJ. When she shared that idea with her friends they decided that she went nuts affected by the recent loss. In 2009 she is already DJ-ing in elite clubs in London, Ibiza, New York, LA and Tokyo. She is famous for her DJ name Mamy Rock. She is gone on 27 of March 2014 at the age of 83.

The second is for a guy called Lloyd Kahn. At the age of 65 he decides that it is a good time to start skateboarding. He stood up on a board for the first time in his life. What happened next is he fell almost immediately and hurt himself. Most people would probably give up, but that’s not the case here. This is just a reminder for him to get the protective gear and jump on it again. He shares – “I don’t do any special tricks. I don’t ride like the teenagers,” “I try not to go too fast, so that I could always jump off and land on my feet. So, in my case, there’s nothing extreme about it, I just like to ride.” Lloyd has always found it important to do what he likes to and to live in harmony with himself and the world around him.


The third one is about Montserrat Mecho she is 78 years old. The first time she jumps out of a plane with a parachute is 41 – In that moment, Montserrat admits, she felt total bliss. Montserrat has also broken a few records in swimming. She is also a downhill-skier, a wind-surfer, and a diver. And, all this for the simple reason that extreme sports make her happy. In pursuing happiness, Montserrat continues to ascend into the sky, climb mountains, and submerge herself into the depths of the seas.


While I am writing these stories a question occurs. What keeps us healthy and happy while we go through life? Deep down we all know what is it that we need to do. We know what will make us happier, what will make us healthier, what will help us grow. We know exactly what we should be doing with our time, with our lives. Despite knowing all of that, we just don’t ACT on it. It just becomes one of those things that we talk about, dream about and obsess about, but it never makes it way into our reality.

The reason I shared those stories with you is that I find them to be fascinating, not only that, but they include bravery, ability to change, overcome and adapt. People say that at the age of 60+ those processes are a lot difficult than as we are young. I shared them in order for you to overthink your life. I mean the decision you make as a person every single day. Think about it each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path – get up, dress up go to work, you know the drill. We already did that yesterday. Yet, each day is a new opportunity, new adventure, new people along the way. I want to inspire you to take control and pursue the things that are meaningful to you, truly, and make you happy. The time is now! Embrace change, try new things out, go out and experiment with yourself.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

There is no better moment then the present one. Because at the end that is all that matters.


Do not get me wrong everyone is individual some people love their jobs and this kind of life fits them – people have different interests, the point here is not to encourage you to become a DJ or Jump out of an airplane or even skateboard. It is not encouraging you to peruse someone else’s lifestyle, It is to awake that voice within you to live a happy and meaningful life.

I also like to remind you that life is more of a journey than a destination. It may sound cliché but that’s the way it is. Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you. Stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.

To conclude – you may ask how does youth has no age, when I am getting old my body does not act the same as it did before. I say youth is a state of mind. Youth is not a time of our life’s, it is more a state of mind, it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Those people stories are the proof. I will end with a harsh but kind of true quote

“Some people die at 25 and are not buried until 75”.

So what are you waiting for, go out there, go to new places, meet new people, help strangers, smile for no reason. Experience life to the fullest!

Transition of our age

A lot of times we see science as something complicated, it is found by youngsters to be very boring from early age. Unless you are a complete geek and an outcast.

But here we are, a little grown up and we can devout some time learning a bit about science. And moreover it is about the foundations. Every science has an object and subject. Defining those is the initial point of interaction. I had learned that my second year in university. I didn’t remember much about sociology, however that applies to every science.

How to identify them?

Object is the largest part of the theme. It is more abstract. Where subject is very specific. For example, one object could be used for many scientific subject researches. However, every science has its own core subject and object.


Because we, humanity, are going to face much more greater problems in the near future, if we don’t “think” our way out.

Science is building our technological powers at the cost of our governance ability to protect to use them. 

As uncle Ben once said “With the big powers comes the big responsibility”.

Yet we have a tools that give us enormous power such as iPhone, IOT, AI, modern vessels, medicine and so on. Where we lack the tools that make us adequately responsible to make policies.

What is to be smart?

Cognitive reasoning is what we find smart about people. It is constructed in a way to see the logic between things. That leads us to be more analytical. Where creativity is praised, if you already have it. We don’t usually adore the creative process. They might be smart, but not creative people. While most of the creatives we could say they are smart too.

Science nowadays is generally working based on reductionist theory. Which is in a way reverse engineering of complicated issues. It helps to  deconstruct large piece of content to a smaller chunks of information. But where that ends is the disconnection of the big picture. It is as much important to see the large scheme of things. To be able to imagine, to envision the components and all the necessary steps to complete the project.

Big picture stimulates altruism and empathy towards humanity. It is vital for our human growth to integrate coherent environment for living. Meaning to develop our communication and governance to manage our internal locus of control.  I will give you an example. To emulate this idea in the real world we need to develop more awareness towards our power. Our digital power. It is common sense, in a way, that digital sphere is exponentially growing. But our challenge is to grow our capability to establish reliable source of governance to mange that technology.


That is a problem that is going to become more and more necessary in the following years. It is complex indeed. That’s why it is hard to make sense of what it is happening. And not to mention coming up with a solution. It requires some new infrastructure that people can rely on. Such as government institutions, but not top-down. Doesn’t matter the management approach, it is still yet not found the one who will solve that complex issue.

Our attention is so precious, it is paying marketers and it shift our focus from what really matters. So how we can preserve it? Design your surroundings to raise your consciousness to a point where we make a sense of what is happening.

PS  > to be continued.

Follow your bliss

Whatever happens be sure that it’s your call. How come you might ask? Its simple.

Let me explain

In any given situation you have at least to possibilities. A) Do what you have to do or B) Switch lanes.

A foundation rule is to keep responsibility to your own actions. By all means you are doing things that cause effects. It is a universal law, after every single action, which defines a cause. There is an effect that occurs from it.

But here is the thing. Working in office and doing stuff we don’t enjoy we get lost in the boring frame of the external. We lose sight of the internal, which surprisingly is our body. Meaning we don’t feel our inner senses. We numb us doing something for the better future.


It is a promising goal to have, I can’t deny it.

But in favor of our potential future we should not deny our bliss. And that its often misjudged.

While we rationalize about our mission and values we take one path. But when we actually proceed on it, it may turns out that it’s not the one. It’s just doesn’t feel right. What is that feeling? Where does it comes from?

We are missing alignment. We ain’t having bliss.

We are sacrificing our time for perusing the wrong career.

Its like  there isn’t much happiness in the end of the tunnel.

What if there is a possibility where we could snap out? And live a basic life, but rather enjoying. Grateful for the sun and for the food. With less stress. And much moments to centralize and ground ourselves.


Where do we start?

Everybody finds a different path leading to what they find the sweet spot. The reason is, beacuase we are all different. It is just subjective to all the factors interwoven at its cause and effect around us.

That helps us cross multiple paths until we find the one. That is life, embracing the uncertainty and extracting joy from it.

Some might go chase bliss moments. A states of altering their consciousness and precognition.  Where that could be created by lots of practices.

There are smart drugs, music festivals, meditation, pchychodelics, floatation tanks, yoga, adrenaline sports and much more.

But here kicks the monkey brain’s objection.

“How do I find time for all that? “

Leading to rapid conclusion, after doing the simple math, I don’t have time for much daily practice of meditation, so I will just take the drugs. We are all seeking for that shortcut, but its limited. We can’t run till the end doing only that.

Invest in the long term

Choose something proven and invest time to develop your skills at it. And then, integrate it in your life.

Sports lead to those bliss moments more often than anything else. It helps attuning your mind to your body. You might have heard the phrase “Calm your mind and your body will follow”, where I believe that the vice versa is also true as well. Your body and your mind are directly linked. Which helps wake your mind when you start doing something physical.  And calm your body with your intentional thoughts.

These examples may lead you far beyond your current capabilities.

Bliss or altered states of consciousness or peak experience they are all leading to the same state. It is the most wanted state of mind, highly desirable to be pursued. It enhances us to do our best and perform our best. We are addicted to it’s effects and relief.

It is normal for us to be bliss junkies. We seek them anywhere. From the coffee shop and the cinema to the amusement parks and adrenaline sports. Intoxication is a natural desire we all have. Yet not most sustainable way to find bliss and flow.

What is your next move gonna look like, knowing all that?


Flotation and sensory deprivation tanks

I’m often asked what is flotation and what is a sensory deprivation tank.
This is something I have experienced not too long ago on my semester abroad.
And I can tell you that it is one of the best things I have tried in my short existence.
This is an experience that expands your consciousness, turns you inside out and makes your ego shallow.


The sensory deprivation tank is basically a tool for evolving, developing your mind and becoming who you really are. By the latter I mean becoming the observer, the being that feels emotions, enjoys the sun, and is a part of nature.

The tank is filled with water, the water is heated to the same temperature of your  body, inside the water there are ~500kg of  magnesium sulfate (MgSo4) which makes your body float above, just like in Dead Sea. So basically, you are just laying inside, relaxing and because the water is heated as the same temperature as your body, after a while you stop feeling it and become senseless.


You enter this room, and inside there is a bath and the chamber. You get undressed, take a shower, put ear pods in your ears and step into it. Then by your decision you can float either with an open door, or a closed one.(not everyone can do it with a closed one, but this is when the magic unfolds).
Already inside, you are in this dark place, floating, not feeling anything, not hearing anything, and it’s just you and your mind. And this is the moment when you actually see what really is going on. You begin to listen. Your mind is running like a crazy monkey jumping from thoughts to thoughts without stopping. This is something that needs correction. We have to calm that little animal and put it into a cage. Because remember, you are not your mind.

After a while you begin to relax and get into a meditative state of mind. You start breathing deep, your body becomes more vibrant, you become more aware.The first twenty minutes or so, are a sort of a seminar of your life. It shows you all the different issues of it that you don’t like, things that are bothering you, things about your behavior, disappointments and so on. Things that had happened, why they happened this way and how you should have reacted or done differently.

Once you are done with this contemplation, and clear all that bullshit in your life, you start to think about the big picture. Your body completely settles into the experience and your mind slowly becomes more clear. I personally have thought about the universe, the human beings, each individual’s actions, having different experiences in each others lives and you just go deeper and deeper. All of this without the body in the way.


Imagine yourself like an onion. When you first start doing the isolation tank you peel only a couple of  layers. Couple of skins loose, you can’t really go to the core. It’s too hard to completely let go of who you are. But as you keep doing it and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you really start letting go. You let go of things that have happened to you, either negative or positive, you let go of emotions, you let go of past relationships, you let go of letting go. And this is the point where you become gone. You disappear. What fades away is the ego, the shell that we have around ourselves. There is a point where you completely relax and feel how everything and everyone is connected.

This is an environment that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, its free of distractions, that is what it makes it so special. It’s like you find yourself again in your mother’s womb. You get to your center of consciousness and its a hell of a ride.
Everybody should do the tank, you will learn more about yourself, develop your thinking and gain wonderful insights. It’s an amazing way to think.
It was built by the scientist John Lilly, a psychonaut who used the tank under the influence of different psychedelics in order to achieve greater and more profound understanding.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to know more about the topic, you can shoot me a message or take a look at this documentary:
Float Nation

Where does competition leave us?

Competition is one side of the spectrum. Dive in to see the other.

Have you ever chase something just to be better than somebody else? Just making that much effort to step above the other and boost your ego?

Yesterday I was competing, and I lost the first match. Meaning you are out, direct eliminations. However, Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful sport and I believe that I meant to learn something from that experience. And I did.

Being calm and in the right mindset is essential for those moments. Also physical and skill preparation. But something was missing.


I had those moments of glory so to speak when I have won. I had times when I was down too. Being a winner is a personal trait, that could be cultivated. With a deliberate action and discipline towards a goal. It is programmed in our system, in our human brain that we need to win. Back in time that was on a life or death matter. A victory may be to kill a predator trying to eat you alive or to survive a hard weather conditions. Now we are barely left with a boost of ego from that. We seek victory to put ourselves in a better social position. With that there are more than some material benefits, but more of them aren’t. It is a vital feeling for a person to feel needed and helpful. However, victory is a level above that default level. It amplifies your sense of self, you get pretty proud and sufficient. And that can come from a lot of ways, not only from sports. Winning means progress, while it isn’t the only way.

Winners draw attention to themselves and we adore them. It is absolutely natural. But here is something we rarely consider. We no longer rely on “win” or “die” mentality to survive and live. Life is easy and we are getting more comfortable than ever. While there is no wonder why some of the best world-class athletes are coming from a background of low status family. Nearly surviving around the poverty line. Because they are already living in those harsh conditions and getting out is the only way.

It is vital for us to keep the cooperative part within us as well.

Imagine competition is the far left side of the spectrum and cooperation is the far right side. When we are not cooperating we are competing and the vice versa. Why is that? Simply because when you pursue your desire to win you are being driven by a pushing force within you. With other words you are intrinsically motivated to win, you push yourself. While cooperation is the opposite, you are being pulled to contribute to the whole team, you are being pulled to act for the common good. Where, there is no good or bad between those two. But you are either on one side of the spectrum or the other. So what is in the middle than? An indecisive person trying to do both in the mean time. I felt that was what I experienced on my last competition. And cooperation is thus far more important for me. I have always been more cooperative than competitive. There was this moment, when I was still going to taekwondo competitions. In fact I was like twelve years old or close. I vividly remember that series of competitions where me and another kid from the club were fighting versus each other. That was so stupid for me, I couldn’t play my best. Where those fights were the finals. It was beautiful how we climbed after each fight to finally meat at the top, but being there was awkward.


A prediction on a global scale is that we are going to dispensary as a civilization, if we don’t change the rules of the game. We are not allowed to win that with anger and fist fight, but with a much more intelligent way. Helping everybody to start even and finish where they want. But living in cooperation is hard. We all seek that next benefit for ourselves and we ain’t willing to share it. It is hard to build a foundation where everybody is going to be socially responsible for his own acts. However, there are much more entrepreneurs and businesses who start making those decisions to strive for mutual good. For increasing life standard ubiquitously. 

Be here. Now.

What is up, people?

Have you heard about the present moment? It is the best place where you can possibly be. If you are living right here, now, consciously and with awareness, you are rich.
Don’t anticipate and don’t cling onto things from the past. Let the past go, with  forgiveness and let the future go with no anticipation and no expectations.  Who do you think you are? I believe we are souls, wearing a human body, having a human experience. We are here on this earth to grow ourselves, do acts of kindness and help each other, no matter what.

Everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. The people you meet, the things that are happening to you, the cat down the road, everything.
We have a creative power deep within us, but the way we were raised and conditioned to live in today’s society has caused us to forget. Life is a game and if you don’t wake yourself up, you will be forever playing on the lower levels. How do you escape?

Hit the books,develop critical thinking and start being present.

Art by Alex Grey

On the surface its seems like the present moment is only one of many moments. Each day of your life appears to consist of thousands of moments where different things happen. Yet if you look more deeply is it not only one moment ever? Is life ever not this moment ? This one moment is the only thing you can never escape from. The one constant factor in your life. No matter what happens, no matter how much your life changes. One thing is certain, it’s always now. Since there is no escape from the now, why not welcome it? Become friendly with it? When you make friends with your present moment you feel home, no matter where you are. If you don’t feel home in the now, no matter where you go you will carry unease with you.  The present moment is as it is. Always. Can you let it be? The division of life into past, present and future is manmade. Time is a social construct. It’s an illusion. Do you think time exists in nature? Do you think the flower looks at its hand watch and says to itself – “Oh look it’s almost 07:00 am i should blossom”


Mental abstraction, the past can only be remembered now. What you remember is an event that took place in the now and you remember it now. The future,when it comes is the now, so the only thing that is real, the only thing that ever is, is the now.
Acknowledge the present moment, honor it. When the now is your primary focus of your life, your life unfolds with ease. Washing the dishes, studying for an exam, talking with a mind-boggling professor, planning a trip. What is more important the doing or the result that you want to achieve through the doing? This moment or some future moment? Do you treat this moment as if it were an obstacle to overcome? Do you wait for the future to bring good moments?  If you are not living in the now, the future brings discomfort and tension. Let me explain myself with an example. You have an exam next week, a very important one.
What is going on in your mind? “Am i going to take it?” “What if i fail?” “What if my mind stops and I don’t write anything”?  All sorts of these kind of questions. You stress without a reason, and bring low-frequency vibes to your life.

Feel the aliveness within your body, that anchors you into the now.
Ultimately you are not taking responsibility for your life, until you take responsibility this moment, now. Now is the only place where life can be found. Taking responsibility for this moment, means not to impose or argue with what is. It means to be in alignment with life.
To accept things as they are.

A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises into the now, within and without. Never carry on tension from the past. It is gone. It does not exist. No room for trouble making, just this moment as it is. The moment you enter the now with your attention, you realise that life is sacred. The more you live into the now, the more you feel the simple, yet profound joy of being and the sacredness of all life. The present moment is deeper that what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. The Now is deeper that any content that arrises in it. When you tap into the now you step out of your content of your mind. Excessive thinking slows down, and thoughts don’t draw you into daydreaming. Gaps arise in between thoughts.
Stillness, you begin to realise how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts. You are not your mind.


In conclusion i will leave you with a book on the topic:

The power of now