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Why the sun makes us happy?

Nov 25 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

I believe they are too types of people in matter of light/dark preferences. Some prefer to be wild at night, while others play it safe during the day. This is merely a categorization of preferences, which people prefer night-time more…

Why everybody loves nutella?

Nov 23 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

I don’t get it, that is crazy. It is mind-blowing how many people love Nutella. It’s like it has never saw a bad day. A rewarding treasure for every seeker. Exclusively sweet delight made for the people. Such a goodness…

Meet your new best friend!

Nov 03 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Pain will be always there for you. If you call pain, it will come. But sometimes it just doesn’t want to get away. Just get over it. accept it. fighting against only backfires you even more. But it hurts, I…

Develop a taste

Oct 27 2017
Aleksandar Dimitrov

A new idea that is able to decrease your love towards junk food. I am always in for a change, in this case this would be a taste varieties. Have you ever had a, experience trying a healthy food and…