Catch the wave before it is too late!

Catch the wave before it is too late!

Recently I have been thinking about those moments when you know that is time for action, but you just call back. You slip the moment and the opportunity never brings back again. Sounds familiar? Check this out!
Time is subjective, and it is very odd when you change your graphic, job, school, city not to mention even a country. Everything seems to be so chaotic for the first two weeks that you feel so rushed. But we don’t have those moments really often do we? However, it is really hard to make the right decision in the right time. If there was a single superpower that I would choose to get, knowing when is the right time is for me. Classy objection.
There aren’t really any excuses that can justify when you missed the chance to get that opportunity. You saw that door open, but you let it close in your face. Doesn’t matter if it is a man/girl, money or career, it is gone now. That’s why this is strategy is wrong! it is matter of mindset, prior that chance to happen reality. Are you diving in usually or you are calling back? If you are asking yourself it that’s the right moment, you most likely ain’t going to dive in. Its tricky. I do often the same lame decision. Despite you never actually now if it is going to be good, it’s better to try. I am not telling you to sell your house on casino, use your common sense please. Yet thrust your gut feeling, not your brain. Our brain is made to save energy. It doesn’t like vegetables it likes pizza.

Rather wondering why you didn’t try, dive in and ask yourself why did I did it.

If you follow that quote you will enjoy more moments. Simply because even if you stumble upon a bumpy road and things go wrong you certainly benefit from experience. Action always entails some form of feedback, aka experience. And by default experience can’t be bad, not always pleasant.  Yet life it is what it is.

Decision-making is an actual process and skill that only a few people master through life. It is high demanded and valued in business environments too. It is the ultimate life skill. Doesn’t matter what you do, if you get that single thing right you will be good. Of curse it is impossible to be always winning by chance. That’s why we get to learn from failures. And easily recover when we get our heads wrap in the proper line of thoughts.
How to get more of every single moment? 
A general rule of thumb is to always try. Face the truth you are not having life changing situations every day. But in order to be ready when they come you have to act now. I am doing this myself too. I love to share my experiences here, in order  to keep up us on the same page. Everyday life is always showing us something that we can do more, but are we willing to do so ? There is not much to lose as it is so much to win.
Owning small moments makes us happy. Often we seek to much of a thing to elevate us, but frankly small things move us in the right direction. Don’t be selfish all the time. Help that old lady in the bus, your college, a friend or whoever. It takes only a moment, because you have the power. But chilling is just making it fade away.
PS: Intuition is very interesting feeling and certainly rewarding if you chose to listen. 

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