Can Learning Be Fun?

It was not so long ago when I was playing with Lego. Hours and ours, again and again the blocks were falling and I was putting them back again. Some times with friends, sometimes alone. But I hated when they fall and I am almost at the top…
But I’ve learned a lesson. It’s always that setback that makes you dabble to proceed or to quit. So often it happens to me. But when you have a clear set of boundaries it’s easier to make yourself go on. An that’s what we are aiming for, right?
Learning is not only in school, or in college. It’s everywhere else too. And perhaps outside collage and school is more important. Street life and off the grid life is a personality shaping experience. I imagine it to be like a experimentation field for homework, in school of life. But nevertheless our social status – student is giving us the time to do so. Which give us this opportunity to shape ourselves the way we want. It’s a very important habit to keep that grit to learning.

Nothing but conventional. This is the essence of meta learning. All these alternative ways to remember things are studied and presented in its model form. They make your studying habits better in a way, you tend to learn quicker and faster. You are learning how to learn. Why is that necessary?
It provides us with that understanding of reality. We learn about chemistry, physics, biology, technology and that brings more clarity to our everyday life. Knowledge is power. Yet it is only potential power waiting to be released and focused on a meaningful goal. I have long road myself, and I am ready for it. I have the time needed. While patience is next to be challenged.
When you open yourself to this possibility and new realm in which learning is big fun you are not procrastinating anymore. You simply do it. 

PS: Learning = Behavior Change, Leo Gura.

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