Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Do you get better by working on your weaknesses or focusing on your strengths?

I often wonder about that question, it is still an ongoing debate.

Yet time is limited for you and me. And spending much time deciding isn’t going to make the right decision necessarily. We still need to probe reality. Hence, during that period I feel like living on a borrowed time. Much like In Time (the movie).

My Situation

Borrowed Time
The Lawn en park San Juan, Telde, Canari Islands, Spain (Photo from my iPhone SE)


We came into developing this blog in this exact time of freedom. Working on my media internship for NGO realizing EU key projects for youth society, here at Telde, Spain.  That brings us to haven and indeed the culture is different. Although the West is more civilized, there still are some places left quiet. And those places where you see the modern world, the effects of it, and its extensions manifested around the city. And Perhaps Spain is like that, not only the Canari Islands.

But how do you get out of our own way to find the solutions to our needs?

Especially when you are young persona trying to launch oneself to the real world. Open market, but rather knowledge open doors better than any key. And that requires time.

Or your relatives can hook you up for a job interview. It is often better to have acquaintances around to be instantly accepted and considered as a valid option. Conversely, being a stranger requires confidence and the ability to sell yourself.

There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet.

Whatever that might be in your case. All that hassle just to get to the 9 to 5 job. It is crazy, yet the rat race is there to scare us whenever something shakes our world. Then it brings you to action and deliberate pursuit to change it.

At least that’s how I feel.

Start with utilizing what you need at the moment. Considering the context of the situation, of making the bridge between graduation and earning money. Which is far from providing. This is only staged one.

Borrowed time

Getting here in the subtropical paradise of palm trees, hot weather, beaches, and a flexible schedule is above the realm of corporate work life. Which for me is devastating. I view motivation as a means by an end. Because you can watch a motivational video on YouTube tonight and tomorrow morning you won’t feel like getting up.

Borrowed Time
Trees overlooking the sea far behind them. Photo from park San Juan, Telde, Canari Islands, Spain (Photo from my iPhone SE)


Our world is full of lost souls looking for meaning. Expecting that they would find the power to do chores after scratching the jackpot “winning” a purpose for life. Yet there are more important things than life … Let alone, the last sentence doesn’t make much sense, it is an oxymoron. As well as paradoxical in the meantime, because there is a one-word answer = legacy. In my case, this blog is my legacy, even if I die tomorrow.

So how do you make it from point A to point B?

Whenever you achieve your dreams/ goals and you witness the moment they manifest itself in front of you that is what we call adjacent possible. Soaking that pleasure is magical. Pray for the moment to never end, hold up upon branches reluctant to the ordinary again. I had many moments like those, but are they sustainable? Somewhat more often they are random. Here is where lifestyle design comes into play – the art of creating your plotline in life.

But what if there isn’t anything ordinary? Like in the movie Peaceful Warrior.

Perhaps you neglect what we already have and focus on the negative. I did. It is always easier. That’s how we are made. Our brain is using us for saving energy for critical situations. It is trying to preserve its resources by making it hard for you to demand action on time. All the time. And overcoming this blocks of the mind, reaching you through the nervous system by the hippocampus and amygdala.

Instead, Buy Time

Aren’t we better off saving yourself for the moment we construct a healthy system for our lives? That which is going to make everything much more meaningful and easy to execute. When you are confident about your strengths and weaknesses and you know what you can & can’t do. To fall in place and make the gears shift smoothly.

That happens when you buy time. Cut the bullshit and use it to execute and learn.

Isn’t it unique ability to be self-sustained holistic being able to satisfy your own needs?

What if life is a game of lessons and your task is to learn them?

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