What Are The Benefits Of Reading Books?


Benefits Of Reading Books

There are many benefits of reading books and it is so much fun. People even read different genres, but fundamentally the benefits of reading books are from every category. It is about reading itself.

Once in a while you come across a book that really sticks with you, don’t you? A book that right after you have done the reading, you feel like everyone should read. A book that is worth mentioning to your friends, family and even writing a post about it. A book that is so interesting you can’t even stop reading.

I’m talking about books like “1984”, “Siddharta”, “Brave New World”, etc.  I’m sure every one of you has at least top three favorite books that have really made an impression to you and when someone asks you – ” What’s your favorite book?” You would name such.

Of course, your books might be totally different than the above mentioned. You might have not even heard about these books. It’s important to realize that everyone likes and dislikes different things, everyone is different. And that is great! I mean, if all of the people in the world were similar, then the world would be painfully boring, wouldn’t it?:^)

Why Do We Like Books So Much?

I’m addressing the book lovers here, obviously. Books are like small golden nuggets that brings us immense knowledge and intelligence. They can soothe us like no other. But probably the most obvious thing is because they make us smart and wise. But also they remain one of the few defenses we have against obedience, mind control and mass compliance.  Books are like a guide through life and soup for the soul.

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I think reading is one of the best things life can offer.

Don’t we all have that internal desire to be the best versions of ourselves? To be better, stronger, faster? If you want to grow and develop as an individual, you cant skip learning. Reading will bring new perspectives, widen your viewpoint and deliver great mental resources.
Reading is essential for succeeding in life and building valuable connections with people. It will make you an interesting and intelligent person. Moreover, it’s free entertainment!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seus

Reasons to Read Books

Here are a few reasons why you should adopt a serious reading habit:

  1.  Books will develop your imagination.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.
    By reading, you will enhance the ability of your mind to be more creative and resourceful. You would form more easily ideas and concepts.

  2.  Better self-expression.

    The ability to communicate better, express your needs and speak your mind. Also reading will improve that aspect of your life. Self-expression is the most important way to navigate, connect and grow with other people.

  3.   Tranquility and entertainment.

    Depending on what you read, you might find the content fun or very relaxing. In other words, the subject that you are reading can bring inner peace and calmness. Take for example spiritual texts or meditation practices.

  4.  A better understanding of the world.

    Here’s how it works: The more you read, the more perspectives you will acquire. The more perspectives, the better your understanding.
    That is to say, reading develops your ability to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and see his viewpoint. Learn to understand, understand to learn.

  5.  Stress reduction.

    Losing yourself in a great story will soothe all that stress from relationships, work and daily life. With this in mind, a well-written book can transport you to other realms and help you escape the struggles of everyday life.

  6.   Brings knowledge.

    If you don’t feel like escaping everyday life, but battling it – a good self-help book will improve your life-fighting skills and deliver valuable insights. Although, everything that you read fills your head with bits of information and you never know which one will come in handy. The more knowledge you have – the better equipped you are to tackle your challenges.

  7.  Opens new possibilities.

    Certain books that you read will open the door for new and valuable opportunities. For example, the book “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts makes you grab your full of enthusiasm backpack and travel the world. You just see the world with different eyes.

  8.  Reading develops your critical-thinking.

    The more information you put inside your brain, the more you start relying on yourself. Moreover, you stop taking other people’s word for granted, but you dig into the message. It’s important to realize that the more information you have, the more you can see behind the curtains.

    Not to mention that when reading books, you examine someone else thought’s. You step into his mind. It is so extraordinary to become someone else, who we have never met and identify ourselves with our favorite fictional character. This is one of the true wonders of reading.

    “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” ~ W.Styron


In conclusion, I would say do not read just for the sake of amusement, but read in order to live. Read to evolve and advance through your journey. Read to build your own imagination and strengthen yourself against prevailing commercial forces. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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