Be Here. Now


Have you heard about the present moment? It is the best place where you can possibly be.

If you are living right here, now, consciously and with awareness, you are rich.

Don’t anticipate and don’t cling onto things from the past. Let the past go, with  forgiveness and let the future go with no anticipation and no expectations.  Who do you think you are? I believe we are souls, wearing a human body, having a human experience. We are here on this earth to grow ourselves, do acts of kindness and help each other, no matter what.
Everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. The people you meet, the things that are happening to you, the cat down the road, everything.
We have a creative power deep within us, but the way we were raised and conditioned to live in today’s society has caused us to forget. Life is a game and if you don’t wake yourself up, you will be forever playing on the lower levels… How do you escape?

Hit the books,develop critical thinking and start being present.


On the surface it seems like the present moment is only one of many moments. Each day of your life appears to consist of thousands of moments where different things happen. Yet if you look more deeply is it not only one moment ever? Is life ever not this moment ? This one moment is the only thing you can never escape from. The one constant factor in your life. No matter what happens, no matter how much your life changes. One thing is certain, it’s always now. Since there is no escape from the now, why not welcome it? Become friendly with it? When you make friends with your present moment you feel home, no matter where you are.

Mental abstraction, the past can only be remembered now. What you remember is an event that took place in the now and you remember it now. The future,when it comes is the now, so the only thing that is real, the only thing that ever is, is the now.

Acknowledge the present moment, honor it. When the now is your primary focus of your life, your life unfolds with ease. Washing the dishes, studying for an exam, talking with a mind-boggling professor, planning a trip. What is more important the doing or the result that you want to achieve through the doing? This moment or some future moment? Do you treat this moment as if it were an obstacle to overcome? Do you wait for the future to bring good moments?  If you are not living in the now, the future brings discomfort and tension.


Now is the only place where life can be found. Taking responsibility for this moment, means not to impose or argue with what is. It means to be in alignment with life.
To accept things as they are.

A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises into the now, within and without


Never carry on tension from the past. It is gone. It does not exist. No room for trouble making, just this moment as it is. The moment you enter the now with your attention, you realise that life is sacred. The more you live into the now, the more you feel the simple, yet profound joy of being and the sacredness of all life. The present moment is deeper that what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. The Now is deeper that any content that arrises in it. When you tap into the now you step out of your content of your mind. Excessive thinking slows down, and thoughts don’t draw you into daydreaming. Gaps arise in between thoughts.
Stillness, you begin to realise how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts. You are not your mind.

Content from:
The power of now – Eckhart Tolle


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