Battery Life: Analogy to Mine

battery life

What is your battery life?


Are you living a life of the battery?

Making things work requires energy, the same way apps drain our cell phone, life’s challenges take from our gas tank.

Every morning I wake up with full energy tank and a fully charged phone, but I go to sleep on battery saver mode. That is the cycle of today’s world. Technology adds a lot of new dynamics while determinism is omnipresent. It affects technology too – same business models or different have the

Strategy for Battery Health Preservation

In order to contain more percentage during your day, you close apps after you have used it. Life goes through the motions when we have a full battery, conversely, it draws our attention when battery saver mode kicks in. The warning shot beep as notification, but you already know what is the beep for. I apply another strategy when that happens, it is very simple – drain it all.

battery life
Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash


But no, seriously it is a matter of discipline in life as the phone metaphor I exert more energy when there is a challenge. When I meet chaos it most often getting me with a fallen guard. To use the phone metaphor again imagine you are on a chairlift in a ski resort and your cell phone dies from the cold. It happens to me all the time. Hence, when sometimes I lose muse to write or I have lost a piece of the puzzle.

You need to see the whole picture to take action. You need clarity.

Brendon Buchard

  1. Don’t use your phone while it is charging. = Don’t multitask extensively.
  2. Avoid draining all your battery down to 0% = Don’t overwork today, instead of showing up tomorrow.
  3. Look for apps draining your energy = Look for activities wasting your time.

Positive Life is Above 50 % Battery

I confess that being lazy is something that enjoys when I get a chance, but it is hard to live like that. Not for any other reason, I will hate myself for not doing the things I secretly want. Secretly because I don’t admit them to myself, but just put them under the carpet. Later it gets too big and when I walk I bump into the bum.

That sucks out the energy of me and it is not beneficial to anybody. And who wants to lose energy? Life is simple, but not always easy. Bad things happen even to good people. Life is not meant to be fair. So lett go of the external pressure and use your battery wisely.

battery life
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Has it ever happen to you to charge your phone in the middle of the day?

Yes, that is like taking a nap in the afternoon. It restarts your day, do that if you can. And if we manage to borrow time for a 20 min powernap it would be great, wouldn’ it?

If you are running out of battery it only makes you more cautious to preserve your left capacity. Life is not meant to be saved like that. Because sometimes we have lots of calls and important work to arrange even if our phone’s battery is going down. But we are not going to take responsibility for our own inaction. The fear of running out of battery – energy – is scary and immobilizing. Life never stops merely our hope may fade away sometimes.

Do Something With Your Remaining Battery Life

Productivity enables a new set of tools and most importantly it provides a new lens to see the world.

Looking at your subjective realm of reality through that lens is making me do stuff. Not whatever, but exactly those which I want – the hardest. For me, that is writing, and it is also the most enjoyable. As we know our mind often tends to play games with us, at least for me that is true. It strikes me to delay or to forget, our brain is set to preserve energy and that sometimes play a bad role in our lives. I lose speed when there is a hill coming up and pressing the brakes when going down. That’s ok, just don’t repeat it all the time. Learn from experience.

“Are you using your mind, or your mind is using you?”

My point here is that despite living on energy such as our battery life we are capable of a lot more. In fact, our life capacity extends far beyond the 400 recharge cycles of your cell phone’s battery. Putting that in comparison with human life it is a little more than a year (if we assume 1 recharge cycle to be a single day).

We posses amazing capacities of energy within us and it is our choice to do with them what we please.

The action is merely the point, it is the reason behind it that matters. They are things we all have to do, they are things we could do and the things we want to do.

battery life
Photo by Laura Lefurgey-Smith on Unsplash


Unlike my phone, I seek a reason to do things and getting to know more about the world gives me lots. I find reason mostly necessary for the things I could do, while I am still deciding if I want to do them or not. But for the rest two groups, it is pretty straight forward. The things you have to do are things you are going to do sometimes even despite the lack of reason, and the things you want to do you are doing clearly for a reason – you are not looking for it, because you already have it.

If you keep on doing what you are doing you will keep receiving what you are receiving.

Keep in Mind

The way to turn to Phoenix and fly away is to make a leap that we hadn’t made. Plus many more after the first one. But it is this first one that will make the others happen. To enjoy reality you have to burn your battery completely and enjoy what you have without a battery.

This will help you preserve your focus and use it to create more flow in your daily life.

Lead by design. Life is yours.









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