What Exactly Are These Ladies Going to Fix?

Another clickbaite. I have been a vicim too, but why?!

It is attention! Yes, attention nowadays has significant deficit. 
As I am writing this post, my phone is ringing, my roommates are talking in the room and I receive some e-mail spam. Sounds familiar? Well you might not be writing a blog post, but you get the point. concentration is getting harder and harder with each year, new applications are being created and more and more technology emerges. That all creates our mind to wander from our current task (ex, you reading this post). It is funny, but on average studies show that our focus is dropped on the level of a gold fix – approximately 9 sec.

Keeping a laser sharp focus on the demand is very important asset. It clearly makes the person sharper and more apt to solving whatever problem or task he has to do. 

Attention is the reason of our poor decisions. Bad focus leads to bad decisions!

Sounds like we have a lot of work to do. I am in this trap aswell, nobody is covered. What is really profound here to understand is that attention is like a muscle. If you tend to watch meaningless TV shows and browse randomly on social media it will start to shrink. On the other hand, if we commit to deliberate practice on focusing we can actually start getting sharper.

  • Just ignore them! Ignorance is a bliss, in some forms...In this context it may serves us very well. Simply a good way to increase your productivity is by managing your priorities. But wait I do not mean putting numbers on your to-do list. Just evaluate all of them, pick one and that is your current Priority. The word is ment to be singular.
  • Another helpful tip is blocking time. The way to do it is by planning time ahead where and when are you going to do the task. Very simple, but the key is to be consistent, in case you are doing some repetitive training. You probably do want to work on that priority all day, but if you have some other tasks we can do multiple time blocks. And for every each on of them you will have a different task, again with top number one priority.
  • The third tip I want to share on the subject is meditation. I have already made one post for it, you can check it here. The continuous practice of meditation has a proven effect on our focus and concentration abilities. However it doesn’t have an instant pill effect. It takes time investment. And a proper way to managed your expectations is to have none. Meditation gurus are preaching for faith in the process. Faith, I consider a requirement for every learner on his journey to mastery. Otherwise why have you started at first place doing whatever you want to learn?

There is a great book by Daniel Goleman, called “Focus”. He is a NewYorkTimes bestselling author more famous with the book “Emotional Intelligence”, which has more than 5 million sold out copies.  In it he defines focus and the actual processes in our brain how we tend to lose or retain it. I will give even a second read soon.
attention is the new currency of this era. It is actually the companies and the people getting the most eyeballs, who profit the most. And it isn’t only about profit and money. It is really about impact on humanity in general. We tend to have these collective cultural preferences about the things we care more or less. It is a groupthink in some cases. And yet there are some people who somehow breakout this traps and create whatever they are striving for. You have the choice to get your power back by acknowledging it first. And then retain it by focus. What do you choose?

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