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Are We a Marketing Product?

I am not a growth hacker or a marketing guru. But I don’t need to be one to tell you this. We are a constant product of the marketing around you. It is literally everything that surrounds us. Humans are creating more and more things, but the constant creation of a new and better thing starts to lose track of the good things. Are the new things always better than the old? Is innovation necessity or a marking trick?
The topic goes beyond everything healthy, it is absolutely endless. For a little simplification I am going to use only products here as an example. There are uncountable good and bad products out here online and offline. But where is the one we need? Is it on first page in Google, or that is just in somebody elses responsibility? If you start to eat healthy you will discover that people, who does are not waiting to be marketed and sold by a promotion. They go out and pay even more for exactly the product they need. But still we choose from a very specific spectrum of displayed products. Which are carefully marketed, merchandised and finally sold.
Even the best product need the best marketing, otherwise you are not going to buy it . Why is that twisted, shouldnt it be the other way around it? It is tricky to believe, but yes indeed a “bad” product has and it can be sold out faster than a “good” product. Does it have a good or bad marketing? Everybody has tried McDonald’s burger, because it is well marketed. But it is not any better than my grandmother’s chickens.
For centuries as the big cities were emerging people had to bring goods from local villages. And where I have been born, in Bulgaria, people still do. All sort of goods, which are natural. After a while by manufacturing we got into production and consumption of the same goods. But fabricated.
It is really the accessable that catches our eyeballs to purchase. And a lot of these better goods are still a hand away from us. But they lack awareness. Here it is why we can share our experience and pass it on. It is possible to create a network to spread the products that really match our expectations.

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