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Adventures – We all need them in our lives!

“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints.”  Wilfred Arlan Peterson

Wilfred pretty much summed the art of living right here with this quote. But how do we follow this in the times we are living? Keep on reading to find out.

Nowadays most of the people I know are talking about getting outside of your comfort zone, experiencing new things, developing yourself, making new connections and so on.
These activities have to be fun, enjoyable and at the same time productive and easy on the pocket, right?

I’ve been experimenting with different things and practices, but nothing beats traveling abroad and meeting new people. For me, this is an essential part of our life as Generation Z. Discovering new horizons, creating meaningful connections and expanding your limits just brings me inner happiness and moments of abundance and joy. People think that such activities are expensive and hard to get. But this is not actually true. So how do I do that the cheap and easy way?


adventure and erasmus

I bet you’ve heard about Erasmus+. It’s basically this program funded by the European Commission with a budget that is sponsored from the taxpayers in the Union. The program offers young people the ability to travel to different destinations and experience new things.
It offers you the possibility to crossroad with different youngsters from other countries and to explore various topics together.
The topics vary so much that is even hard for me right now to come up with a concrete definition. The cool part is that if you decide to participate and take part in a project that fits your needs, you get a reimbursement of your traveling costs, which makes traveling completely free.

Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

This summer was a big adventure for me. I decided to spend my time in Europe and I had to think of ways to travel cheaply.
My focus was to connect to new people, go on adventures, have fun, expand my consciousness and to experience stimulating things.

The first project I took part in was held in Latvia and it was about nature, awareness, self-mastery, and healing.
The organization that stands behind the project is called “Adventure Spirit” — They are mostly focused on the environment, health, non-formal learning, and urban/rural development. If you would like to enroll in such adventures, definitely check them out.

The guys in Latvia were extraordinary. Laura and Roeta made our time so enjoyable there that I cried a little bit when leaving.
The project was totally my style. A lot of movement, sharing, veggie food, interesting workshops about meditation, yoga, and chakras. There was also a lot of flow, climbing trees, slackline, creating something out of nothing and so many other creative and interesting things! If you are a person who loves nature, connection, meditation, and other innovative things check them out!

adventure and erasmus
Latvia, Kegums

From Latvia To Ukraine

The second project that I took part in was held in Ukraine.
was the main person behind the project. She made our stay there magical and enjoyable. The topic of the project was on emphatic communication and how to deal with our own needs and feelings. It had a very deep impact on me and I’m sure on every participant that took part. Marija and her partner in crime – Giedre (another lovely soul from Lithuania) did such a great job that it totally blew my mind.
I connected more to my own feelings and needs and that ultimately helped me connect better to other people in my surroundings.
At the end of the project, I felt more intune into myself, more grown up and a better person. Thanks, Ukrajinská initiative Jižní Moravy z.s.!

adventure and erasmus
The deserts of Ukraine

From Ukraine To Italy

The third project that I just come back from was held in the beautiful and magical mountains of Italy.
30 youngsters just enjoying this wonderful place and having the time of our lives. There was a lot of breathing, exercise, stretching, and meditation. I mean how can you not to those practices when you find yourself high in the mountains?

Basic synergy is the name of the project. Its all about personal development and expanding your limits. The people reading this post will know that I have to watch my language speaking about it. If you are a person who likes to go outside of his comfort zone, looking for ways to develop himself, wondering where his limits are and so on..well this is the right project for you.
Fabiano and Ilze, the main trainers, were just the right people at the right place. So much thanks to these guys, they know what they are doing and they know how to serve it right.

adventure and erasmus
Hills of Bergolo


Now I find myself in the beautiful scenery of the Canary islands again on Erasmus. For the next five months I will be enjoying the water, the air and the earth below my feet. A lot of adventures are coming up I’m sure.

What I’m trying to do with this post is to inspire you or at least create a little curiosity into your mind on how to use the opportunities around you.  Now is the best time to look around and take action, it has never been so easy. We live in times where ignorance is a choice and taking action is your responsibility.

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