Abundant Life

Abundant Life

The world of technology that we live in… what a place right? We no longer fetch water half of our day, nor we spend time growing food (most of us don’t). So instead we now create ideas, imaginary things, that we aspire to materialize. And frankly, the sky is not the limit.

I am sick of technology” I used to say to my friends. Just whenever you get too overwhelmed and frustrated with some bugs and computer/server crashes. Perhaps that sound familiar to you as well. Yet even before I read that special book “Abundance” By Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis I had to shift my mindset about it. It’s just because is required to operate with technology almost every day to rip off the benefits of society you are already seeking. And should it be that bad?

It Has Been Done Already

Abundant Life
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I am not referring to gaming or such plausible activities. Although even working with technology could be enjoyable. The truth is that we are in the “matrix” that we created last century. As it became after the Cold War research of US from APRANET we call it now the Internet. It all started with the creation of TCP/IP protocols. Then it has grown in Web 2.0 today. So it encompasses the most of the world, seamlessly alive. And I am thankful that we can share that content via it.

Some great innovators and genius people started looking into how we interact with the machine. Like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Peter Drucker and so on. What they examined was the way we use it. Moreover, what we submit for input and what we get out as output. Then they started to invent more useful pieces of technology, prototypes. That had a better design, more accessible interface to interact with and even external accessories. Not to mention how those innovations graded nowadays like robotics, AI, IOT, AG, and VR.

A Peace of Mind

First, we build the tools, then they built us.

Marshall McLuhan

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That gives us the freedom to work with our minds. To expand them.

“In a world of material goods and material exchange, trade is a zero-sum game,” says inventor Dean Kamen. “I’ve got a hunk of gold and you have a watch. If we trade, then I have a watch and you have a hunk of gold. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange them, then we both have two ideas. It’s nonzero.”

I love this quote from the book I have already mentioned – “Abundance”. It highlights the possibilities to multiply our creations. Our life is getting more co-dependent on technology. But the point is to make sure we use it for the right reasons. What I mean is that is easier than ever to get hooked on it, by never-ending free content on YouTube, Netflix, Games, Social Media and so on. While is harder than ever to provide people with the right information at the right time, because there is more flux than ever.  There is a simple solution that I found it works for me. Just ask yourself:

 Am I using technology, or it is using me?

Even Deeper

Am I consuming content or producing?

And I know we cannot produce things all the time. That’s fine. But if you apply your common sense you will see that it is not that hard to see for yourself, if you are giving away your time. It can get counterintuitive for a moment, but I must say that even consuming content could be useful. But you already know that it’s learning.

How Knowing This Helps Us?

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Working on our technological skills helps us cut time. Especially when the gap between thinking and doing shrinks to almost nothing.  Then your work just flows. It gives you that smooth workflow when you accomplish more things for the same you did yesterday.

And don’t forget languages are the most significant technology of all. Without which we call today technology, it would not have been created.

Now, do you believe me that life is abundant?

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