The things that matter

What are the things that really matters? A question that needs to be asked more often. Here is my advice for you.

It is a matter of priority to make your time worth of use. It is essential to know your WHY keep it clear. That’s how you get shit done and do better decisions. Define your own future.

We all are able to craft our lives, but never really tried

It is stunning how our brain works. Shutting us down, when we try to do more of the things that matter. That’s why its better to listen your heart. It’s like I have always done that, but i would lie if i said it. It’s hard , perhaps for you too. But what we get out of all that space/reality is just our human being put to work. Our skills, natural gits, talents, qualities, mindset and all that. Then why don’t we use them? Why don’t we really do more and develop them? achieve the results we want.


And we all heard of that surface level, more like automatic response, even when we ask ourselves – “I don’t have time”. And that might be true though. Yet responsibility needs to be taken. Priority needs to be set. Then honored by execution. In the meantime things shit happen, but who cares. Challenges create awesome stories and makes life worth sharing after all. Isn’t that worth the work?

Priority – singular

We tend to change that word by adding more things to it as we get more done. In fact it turns out the opposite. The word is ment to be singular to keep your focus strong. While there are too many flooding tasks that are craving attention, we want to keep eyes on the main thing. Because it matters. More than often I face that issue of just not getting the right thing done first. And we all know that the hardest task need to be first on your To-Do list. But our personal task, which are part of our goals tend to be lost in the big pile of trash. And what ends of happening is that the last notification gets done first.

Average human behavior has decreased attention spawn to 5 sec < 6 sec Gold fish

But why we tend to operate on this low-level? I think the answer is pretty simple. Seeing more things is crippling us in a way. A lot of useless information on social media and movies, TV shows. Our informational intake this century is the highest that a human has ever consumed before. No matter if you realize this or not we all end of blocking stuff at some point. Simply because we can’t take no more. Have you ever got tired reading/studying and decided to watch a movie to relax? I know I have done it. But reflecting back on it, now it doesn’t seem like the smartest move. Substituting one informational stream with other isn’t making us more relaxed. It is just another stimuli. Much more rewarding is to meditate or have a human interaction, in person.

Remember time is going by and even though we may have the same repetitive day. Over and over again. it just takes only one decision to a completely different way of life. But first define what matters.

PS: sometimes doing the things you hate, grow into something that you would never though loving.

Author: Aleksandar Dimitrov

If you are an idealist like me who loves to share new ideas and insights about reality, you are in the right place.  I have a martial arts background and sports is definetly a big part of my life so far. Also I am an entrepreneurship studend, so I find businesses very intersting form of creativity.  This is a blog about both, the body and the mind. I am going to share some of my favorite  practices. So lets get it going ...

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