Develop a taste

A new idea that is able to decrease your love towards junk food.

I am always in for a change, in this case this would be a taste varieties. Have you ever had a, experience trying a healthy food and hating it. Something so unpleasant that you just can’t stick with it? That is because you haven’t developed a taste for it.

It takes time to do this type of change. Although the time investment can change everything. Can you imagine to eat only healthy food and actually loving it? You suddenly lose appetite for donuts, ice cream, Pringle’s, pizza, pasta and much more. Moreover it start to feel different, your body starts to project energy. You feel energized and capable to create more. To do the things that usually scare you. You have unlimited power. Almost like a superhero.

That is the key moment when I say I have reached the breaking point. The change has changed. First you change your taste preferences and that it’s just flows naturally to flip your habit too. One after another.

Have you ever try to eat something spicy? Now is the time to get some Mexican jalapeño. Make sure you don’t have any bread home to neutralize the heat. Just own it and eat salad. Yes, salads are going to be the only one thing here plus some meat if you like. Pure protein plus vitamins.

Author: Aleksandar Dimitrov

If you are an idealist like me who loves to share new ideas and insights about reality, you are in the right place.  I have a martial arts background and sports is definetly a big part of my life so far. Also I am an entrepreneurship studend, so I find businesses very intersting form of creativity.  This is a blog about both, the body and the mind. I am going to share some of my favorite  practices. So lets get it going ...

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