Environmental care

I love nature and nature loves me back, because I care about her. Do you? It is not something different that I do in matter of some kind of special activity. Yes, there are people making movements to clean the city once a year, but although that helps it is only a temporary act of care. I mean it really matters bring more attention to the topic. There are still people thinking that a single plastic bottle is not going to be so much and they just throw it away right then and there wherever they drink the last sip. And we all might have done that when we were young, but that was just an immature act. Responsibility to be a global citizen nowadays is something going beyond cleaning your only place and point others who didn’t. It is far more efficient if we tend to develop a culture towards a cleaner and pleasant environment.

It is funny that some people, even my brother, they are just relying on somebody else to go after them and clean. Just the fact that you leave in the city does not mean that the local disposal firm is going to take care of it. And even if it does where is that trash all going? We all are separating metal cans from plastic bottles from paper, but really aren’t they going in the same place. I have a different perspective living in Eastern Europe, however staying in America for a year I don’t thing there is much of a difference in that matter. Do you know how many plastic straws are restaurants and coffee shops using per day? This number is huge — 500 mil, and there are going in the ocean and here and there. Where nobody cares about a single piece, tomorrow that may be the food of a fish. It is a fact that majority of them are disposed in the ocean, somehow. You know what happens next…

As a reminder I am writing this post, not that is something special. And still I am surprised how things so basic are still neglected. Nature is a closed system, that means if we want something from it, we need to give back. One way or another. Together we can make a difference in the sustainable development.

Author: Aleksandar Dimitrov

If you are an idealist like me who loves to share new ideas and insights about reality, you are in the right place.  I have a martial arts background and sports is definetly a big part of my life so far. Also I am an entrepreneurship studend, so I find businesses very intersting form of creativity.  This is a blog about both, the body and the mind. I am going to share some of my favorite  practices. So lets get it going ...

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