First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Congratulations, you are currently reading my first blog post ever.  I am excited to start this new endevour to share my prespective on how to stay mentaly and physicaly fit. It’s a broad topic and it is a lot to talk about. Keep in mind that  I am not a specialist, however I beliave that I can give you a valuable tips on the subject.  We will be covering some foundamental concepts, which can be easily implemented.  As I cover more topics we will get more in depth, wtih new and more complicate material.

We all strife to achive more with less time and effort invested. Whether this is going to be in the gym, university or a job we tend to get result oriented. Of curse there is nothing wrong with results per se, but they come only after the work is done. The journey takes time and we can learn to enjoy it.  I found myself sometimes getting very unpatient, so thats one of the reasons to create this blog. After a while when the ball starts rolling we will get to that desired place. But only it will matter, if it is appriciated.

I am really passionate about sports and more particularly martial arts. It’s been a while since I have first joined a taekwon-do class. It was in second grade and since then I am being physically active person.  And then, three years ago, I have started training brazilian jiu jitsu. Right know I am more interested in general weigthlifting.  I am getting curious what I can train my body to do. Every signle disciplines teaches you something specific. And in the end of the day has always been a deep relief to finish a class when you know you have done a lot.
This is my public place where I can make myself acountable and really make things happen. It is also a reminder for myself to keep to in shape and up to date. No excuses, lets do it!

Author: Aleksandar Dimitrov

If you are an idealist like me who loves to share new ideas and insights about reality, you are in the right place.  I have a martial arts background and sports is definetly a big part of my life so far. Also I am an entrepreneurship studend, so I find businesses very intersting form of creativity.  This is a blog about both, the body and the mind. I am going to share some of my favorite  practices. So lets get it going ...

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