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“Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”

― Walker Percy, The Moviegoer
Online Guide for Positive Life

We made it for you. That is our first guide, and its purpose is to add some practical solutions, not to only stay positive, but and be moving forward

This solutions compilation is based on personal experiences and practices. We are experimenting with flow lifestyle design, meditation, different exercises, and mentalities.   


Lifestyle design
Flow Lifestyle Desing

Tissues, nerves, cells and what not creates the human body. We have the best design among other living creatures on the planet.

It has many different functions, but the most important one is that it keeps and protects our consciousness.

We are only here on this physical plane because of our bodies. You see, the consciousness cannot exist on its own. It has to have a body to be. Our temple also has wisdom,  awareness, and perceptions unto itself. As a result of this wisdom, awareness, and perception, it has its unique way of sensing or experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself.

Daily exercise and movement are essential to keep our temple healthy and in good condition. Calisthenics, martial arts, dancing, and flow movement are good practices for the body. One must find what fits his needs and implement a routine.

A set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, judgment, thinking, language and memory. The quality of your life is directly linked to the quality of your mind.

What is happening inside you, is happening outside of you. One of the seven hermetic principles – As above, so below explains this connection. As we take care of our body, we also have to take care of our mind. Useless ads, mainstream media and consumerism is bombarding our minds all of the time.

If we are not being conscious of these things and run on autopilot as most people do – we fall directly into the trap. Now, more than ever, we have to protect our inner world in order not to become zombies and the way to do that is by implementing a daily practice into our life.

Through mindfulness, meditation and living consciously we slowly start to wake up and rediscover ourselves. The way to understand the nature of the mind is only through the practice of meditation.

Certainly lifestyle its very used term nowadays. To define from what is already perceived we want to use the following definition for our content. Lifestyle is something you do just for the sake of it. Is is also stuff you do occasionally. In fact, to be more clear imagine you are like a walking painting. Everything painted on it(you) is communicating your lifestyle. 

Judging appearance is one thing. Moreover we are getting into deeper meaning such as your entire environment. Your friends, your resources, your access, your culture, style and everything. It’s useful to know how to design the one you want. Which is most true to your autotelic self. Here we can link this description with flow. Combining both we end up with a recipe of conscience and happiness.


Flow is proved to make people happy and more alive. That’s why it’s also called peek experience. However we believe it is about raising the bar not chasing only the states. Adding up upon each other we construct the system of helpful habits that encompass that final outcome.

To recap flow lifestyle design is the framework that enables you to achieve your most triggering to flow environment. To construct the life you want. We give you the best practices and our personal stories along our own way to there.

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